Fat Gripz

One of the most versatile grip tools that can improve your grip strength, muscle activation and recruitment, and has a million applications! Try some Fat Gripz floor presses to build your bench.
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  • FAT GRIPZ are a unique training device that simply wraps around standard barbells, dumbbells and cable attachments instantly converting them into thick bars.
  • FAT GRIPZ will help you build REALLY BIG ARMS, REALLY FAST.
  • They start working from your very first workout with them… and you can literally feel them working (the “pump” in your arms is going to be insane!)
  • FAT GRIPZ are made from a high performance proprietary compound which makes them ROCK SOLID on the bar! They are designed to have no “give” or slippage whatsoever and to maintain the thick bar shape at all times so you can even bench really heavy with them.
  • FAT GRIPZ give you all the benefits of a gym which has a full set of thick-grip weights.
  • They are of exceptionally high quality and design and will be a faithful tool to help you build BIG ARMS and MUSCLE and POWER throughout your upper body.
  • You don’t even need to do any extra sets, reps or exercises – simply use them in the rest of your workout.
  • They are small, light and fully portable so you can take them with you to train anywhere.
  • FAT GRIPZ are extremely versatile and can help you to strengthen almost ALL exercises.
  • They can save you YEARS of wasted effort and frustration in the gym.
  • They are totally unique – you won’t find anything else which comes close (I know… I’ve tried everything!)

Sold as a pair. Each Fat Gripz is 5 inch long and about 2.25 diameter. Comes in one color (blue).

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