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Original Haulin' Hooks

An innovative new way to safely hold on to the biggest weights your body can handle. The epic original.
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Respect. Big lifts bring it, grip slip robs it. Eliminate performance thieving grip loss and stay focused on the big lifts with our best selling Haulin™ Hooks Originals. Like no other weightlifting straps / weightlifting hooks on the planet, Haulin™ Hooks Originals keep on holding weights beyond grip failure to deliver record smashing lifts up to 650#. With your choice of a patented combination of 1-1/2 inch  strap-n-wraps and instant hook ups to handle any exercise situation with ease.

Use the patented never drop hooks to bypass arms and target muscles with expert precision. In the plush comfort of a wrist wrap that stays put and won't strangle wrists like common lifting hooks / lifting straps do.

"Trust me, these are not as dumb as you may think. Whenever I pull for heavy reps I put my straps away and bust out my haulin hooks. HUGE difference”
- Dave Tate

Lift more, Pull more, Grow more respect? Own it with best selling Haulin™ Hooks Originals.


Lift beyond total grip failure

Target and isolate muscles with expert precision

Get more repetitions

Lift more weight

Protect delicate wrist and hand tendons


Patented combination of weightlifting hooks and weightlifting straps in one product

Patented never drop Super “J” Hooks

Patented quick change custom fit hook sleeves

650# load rated and tested

11 inches Long x 1-1/2 inches wide wrap strap

Plush comfort wrist padding

Pull tight velcro wrist wrap

Non constrictor wrist

Great For:





Pull Downs


US Patent #: #7,008,355


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