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Loadable Hammer - 17 Pounds

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The physique of a Norse god isn't forged overnight. The only way to get hammered and grow!
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The physique of a Norse god isn't forged overnight. If you want to look like someone who works hard and relishes a tough workout, you need to start by working hard and doing tough stuff. This loadable hammer weighs 17 pounds and has a 4.5" diameter head that you can fill with sand, steel shot, or lead shot. This thing can get HEAVY. As a conditioning tool, few things can make you wheeze like a heavy sledge. Plus, if you add some weight to it, it'll get you jacked. This hammer is well-built and durable. Even without any shot loaded into it, it feels like a Viking war weapon in your hands. No question, swinging this beast will up your man-quotient by a few points. Available only in textured black finish

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