Metal Bash Pro Bencher

Try this specially designed cut and awesome material and you'll understand why using it's really a Bash!
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From elitefts™

Getting a shirt to work for you can be a headache. We know all too well. With so many different styles of bench pressing, experience levels and grooves getting a big carryover isn't easy. What can work for one, will not work for another. That is why we are carrying the Bash Bencher. It may be the perfect shirt for you.

For those of you who have had trouble touching in a shirt, this is the shirt for you.

Metal has designed the Bash Bencher to have a more forgiving groove than any other shirt. The days of having to hit the exact sweet spot of a shirt to get maximal results are gone.

The Testing Process
The Metal Bash Bencher is the next big thing brought to you by EFS. We sent this shirt to dozens of experienced lifters for review and design tweaking before we settled on this final, outstanding version.

Special Highlights

  • Two ply for great explosiveness off the chest to lockout.
  • The arm angle is ideal for lifters with longer shoulder to elbow measurements.
  • Velcro back for locking the shirt in.
  • Reinforced neck or collar for that extra pop of the chest.
  • Has a 3-4" "touch spot" to accomodate varied grooves.
  • Long, tapered sleeves to allow for twisting the sleeves to help with the lockout.

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