Metal “M” Single-Ply Briefs


More power from less plies – this new Metal brief delivers unbelievable pop, support, and durability as well as an easy learning curve that makes it the most potent single-ply brief available.

The Metal M Single Ply Gear is not approved in the IPF or USPA

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Our Finnish friends have upped the ante…again.

If there was ever a revolution in single-ply powerlifting, the METAL M Line is it. Now introducing the first member of the line: the METAL M Briefs. They are unquestionably the strongest, most durable, and easiest-to-learn briefs available.

The details of these innovative briefs set them apart from the crowd. The Freki™ Harness System, named after one of the Nordic god Odin’s Dogs of War, provides 360° support and stopping power. From the reinforced harness points around the legs, to the anchor points up the front and rear of the briefs, to the groove-setting crossmember across the posterior, this structure provides unmatched stability for the lifter.

Freki™ lives up to its mythological name, helping you attack heavier weights than ever before. Derived from Norse Mythology, Freki was a wolf that accompanied Odin, the god of battle, in all his travels. Not only was Freki a treasured companion of Odin, but also a bodyguard known for protecting his master with fierce rage.

The combination of fabric and the Freki™ Harness System creates an all-around approach to single-ply equipment — it offers fantastic support with rebound for advanced lifters, while also maintaining a reinforced groove for an enjoyable learning curve during a lifter’s first time in gear.

All components of the M Briefs are made of the thick King material, milled to exacting specifications. This material has been time-tested and improved by METAL. It has shown in our testing to have a lifetime of at least twice that of other offerings on the market. Its thickness and rigidity lend itself well to your heaviest attempts.

The seams on the legs are high like the Jack briefs and suit, allowing for more leg support and an ideal fit. The high seams also tend to make squats look deeper than they actually are, a perk we expect all equipped lifters to appreciate.

For raw lifters looking for an opportunity to use supportive gear in the gym while keeping their RAWWWW label on meet day, the METAL M Briefs offer an unmatched opportunity to deload the hips while still training at a high intensity level. They can be used in a variety of ways, but the most popular amongst raw lifters is to use these briefs for an unusual kind of deload. In preparation for his incredible Raw Unity Meet 8 performance, Casey Williams wore these briefs on training days that his body needed a break but he still needed to his the prescribed numbers for the day. By wearing the briefs, a raw lifter is able to rest the hips while still squatting the loads needed to stay on plan for a huge PR meet day.

These aren’t just the perfect brief for the single-ply crowd, or a gateway drug for the raw crowd. In our testing, we believe that these briefs represent an excellent addition to the multiply lifter’s toolbox and meet-day kit. Many lifters that struggle to find that right combination of mutli-ply briefs and mutli-ply gear will immediately feel at home with the METAL M Briefs under their suit. Even the most dedicated of equipped lifters are transitioning to a single-under-multi approached to squatting, including Marshall Johnson during his stunning 1102-pound squat last year. These briefs have been tested for squat attempts beyond 1100 pounds — and passed.

Whether you’re competing raw, single-ply, or mutli-ply, there is a place for the METAL M Briefs in your gym bag.

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