Metal Pro Briefs

Let us be brief. One of the best briefs out there, with awesome stopping power and pop, and a very forgiveable curve.
Typically ships in one business day.
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If they only knew!

Why are so many lifters sponsored by other companies wearing Metal Briefs under their suits?

Because they work better!

After Metal Gear Pro Briefs were launched it blew us away to see so many top lifters buying Metal Briefs when they get their gear for free from other vendors. At first we did not know what to think. Then the feedback kept coming in. Metal Briefs were working better ALONE compared to the suits they were using.

Then it happened

Metal Gear became a major player and the briefs were leading the way. With many new advances in gear the Metal Briefs are still regarded as the best briefs on the market.

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The material is unreal and something you have never seen before. The two ply material is the thickest material we have ever seen or used. The unique stitching locks the leg to prevent slipping. This suit is also cut high on the midsection so you can lock the suit in with a weight belt.

Hear this

" Thanks for importing the Metal Briefs. I have used the same pair now for one year and still get great pop out of it. The key is to order them very tight then after they break in they fit perfect. I squatted 800 in the last meet before getting the briefs and then 10 weeks later squatted 855."
Josh Roberts

"Metal Briefs are unreal! 50 pounds more the first time I used them. Great Product. I will be ordering a pro Squatter next. "
Bill Zenno


  • Two ply material
  • Cut high on belly
  • Stitching to lock legs
  • Unreal quality
  • Black with Metal logo
  • 100% polyester material
  • Size is based on hip measurement

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Size Chart

metal gear size chart