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The Metal Pro Squat suit has the set the standard for all double-ply squat suits.  When it first hit these shores, no one could believe how intense this suit was. The material is so thick you would think it was made of canvas. Unlike canvas, this suit will give you rebound out of the bottom of the squat. This suit is also unreal for sumo stance dead lifters because of it's V-type cut as it gives great support and starting strength in the hip and groin region.

Metal Pro Squat Suit does NOT come with Velcro straps.


Hear this: 

"I have been using the Metal Pro Squatter and Metal briefs for two years now. The best thing about this suit is that it doesn't take long to learn how to use it. I only get in the suit once before a meet and that's to find a good opener. And the rebound you get out of the bottom is unreal. - Jay Floyd
In regards to your request for Metal gear results. I switched from canvas to Metal due to depth issues and ended up with 85# meet pr. Great suit(pro squatter)." - Jim Harbourne

"The Metal Pro squatter is by far the best squat suit I have ever used. The further I sit back the more the suit supports me. It is very confidence building." -Chris "Ox" Mason

“The Metal Pro Squatter allows me to sit back with proper form, and then the craziest thing happens.  The lower you go, the more dramatic of a rebound you get. It is crazy.” -Travis Mash (970 lb. squat)

“I knew the minute I tried it on that it was the suit for me.  It felt comfortable and breathable. We used canvas suits for years, but SHW's don't need all that suit.  My first use of my new suit at the  Arnold classic was a 55lb pr with my opener. I cut 1080 high but could have done even more. Once I learn to sit  back, the squat will be mine for the taking!” -Donny Thompson (1025 lb. squat)

“There is no comparing the Metal Squatter, it's that far ahead of the other suits on the market today. Best suit for a big squat!” -Marc Bartley (1058 lb. squat)

“The METAL Pro Squatter outperforms any suit I've ever tried and believe me,  I've tried a bunch.” -Mike Ruggiera (1050 lb. squat)

“I like the Metal Pro Squatter because it allows me to arch better, keep proper position and gives me unbelievable speed out of the hole!” -Matt Smith (1102 lb. squat)



  • Double ply
  • 100% polyester material
  • Black color with Metal logo
  • Wide straps
  • Unmatched support and rebound
  • Great spring out of the bottom

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