Post Meet Reflections

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Post Meet Reflections:
David Tate, founder of EliteFTS, took a chance on me way back in 2006. I was given the opportunity to share my life and training with lifters all around the world. Over the past eight years I've had tremendous successes and seen crushing disappointments. I can only imagine the future will hold the same. There is no true success without failure. Period. It's not about the trophies, awards, or records. It's about the people. The people who believe in me, the people who support and inspire me. The people who come up and tell me "I have /someone I know has cancer, and following your story has given me Hope". This is my Powerlifting family, and we just keep getting StrongER & StrongHER! Three Weeks out from the Firefighter Combat Challenge in Montgomery, Alabama, and ONE MONTH from being Six Years Cancer FREE!!
"What Lies Behind Us, and What Lies Before Us... Are Tiny Matters When Compared To What Lies WITHIN Us"
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