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Programs That Work (eBook)

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What is in the book? Over 30 PR-breaking training programs, that's what!

Length: 160 pages

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Programs That Work (eBook)

160 pages

What is in the book? Over 30 PR-breaking training programs!

Table of Contents

  • Bring Alive Your Deadlift By Josh Bryant, MS, & Adam BenShea, MA
  • 5 Things of Great Importance I Learned During My First Decade of Powerlifting By Brian Carroll
  • Improve Your Bench By Brian Schwab
  • Off-Season Basketball Training By Charlie Cates, CSCS
  • Recovery Training By Brandon Patterson
  • My Pre-contest Diet for the 2011 NPC Junior Nationals By Shelby Starnes
  • Youth Training for Sports Performance By John Gaglione
  • American Record Squat Cycle By Chad Wesley Smith
  • Bench Triple Bodyweight By David Kirschen
  • 10 Weeks of Tuggin By Zane Geeting
  • Moving a Ton of Weight How to determine your training intensity level By Dr. David Ryan and David Sandler, PhD
  • Simplify, Focus and Conquer By Harry Selkow
  • My 8-Week Training Prep for My First Bodybuilding Show By Josh McMillan
  • Off Season Figure/Bikini Workout Routine (8-12 week routine) by Kelly Booth-Hater
  • Adapting By Adam Driggers
  • Strength-Focused Olympic Weightlifting Program By Dr. Michael Hartman
  • Meet Preparation for the Clean and Jerk By Doug Berninger
  • Lower Body Agility/Power/Strength Training for a Collegiate Field Hockey Goalie By Jason Mensinger
  • My “Wussy” Bench Cycle By Vincent Dizenzo
  • Peaking for a Meet as a 5/3/1 User By Scott Yard
  • Deadlift By Jo Jordan
  • Peaking for an Overhead Log Clean & Press Event By Amy Wattles
  • Prowler Progress By The Angry Coach
  • Working the Sleeves to Dial-in a Bench Shirt By Clint Smith
  • Dynamic Squat Cycles By Dave Tate
  • The 600-pound Deadlift Program By Dave Tate
  • Amazing Forearm Jack Program By Dave Tate
  • Beginner Program By Dave Tate
  • Program for Bench-Only Athlete By Al Caslow
  • Joint-by-Joint Training for Powerlifters By Mike Robertson
  • The Results Fitness Method to Preparing Beginners for Their 1st Meet By Alwyn Cosgrove and Craig Rasmussen
  • The Combatant In Training: The Aspects of Fight Preparation By Shaun Mirjavadi
  • 8-week Bench Cycle for Bench Shirts By Julia Ladewski
  • Eating For A PR By Clint Darden
  • Strongman Contest Prep By Clint Darden
  • A Deadlift Peaking Cycle By Clint Darden

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