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Incline Board - fixed-level Wooden - 4 Boards: 15, 20, 25, 30 Degree Elevation - 16.25" x 15" Surface


Incline boards are used to increase extension in the lower and upper back while stretching the calves. Boards have non-skid top.

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Progressive fixed wooden incline board set measures 16 1/4" wide x 60" long when fully assembled. 4 units are each 16 1/4 wide x 15" long with non-slip treads. 1 unit each with a fixed angle of 15° - 20° - 25° - 30° incline. Natural finish.


A great multi-use set of tools for the gym.


Reason #1
Typically these are seen in collegiate weight rooms or physical therapy clinics as a tool for stretching the muscles of the calf... and they are great for that purpose.

Reason #2
They are also sturdy enough for close-stance, heel-elevated squats for those that are looking for another quad-dominant exercise. Can also be used for Incline and Decline Squats.

Reason #3
Lastly, (and this one is really a cool trick) Progressive Incline Boards are a perfect tool to teach benchers that use an "up on their toes" foot position to drive their heels. By having a target to touch with the sole of their shoes, this encourages a sturdy base and more powerful leg drive. Dropping from 30

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