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Proloc Magnetic Collars Black Pair


Proloc collars surpass expectations for specialty bar accessories, being extremely tough and versatile. 

Updated version now comes standard with two neodymium magnets. 

Typically ships within 24 hours.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. We realized that we needed to find a way to secure the weight on our specialty bars. Farmer's handles, fat bars, buffalo bars, yoke bars... they all seem to defy the standard collar.

Then the Proloc Collar was born. After many changes and much testing, we've got something that works on any bar. Slip them on and turn the screw until the collar is tight, simple as that.

Don't screw around with battery clamps or vice grips on your specialty bars. Throw these in your gym bag and keep yourself from dropping plates off the bar!

"I was hunting around on looking for new stuff and I saw the Proloc Collars collars. They were cheap enough and looked to be good quality, so I called Matt (the sales guy) and said to ship a few to me. They arrived quickly, as stuff from elitefts™ always does, and I was pretty surprised when we got them. I fully intended to believe that they would not work, just like everything else. I started testing them out with specialty bars. They held the weights on well. I then decided to try them out on some Farmer's Walks. Anyone who does Farmer's Walks knows very well that you need to constantly tighten the collars. You also need to be terrified that they will fail, causing 300 pounds to fall off of the bar in mid-stride. Well, let me tell you, they did not fail. They held like a vise. I was blown away. For the first time ever, we had a set of collars that didn't fall off. We then tried them on logs. Same thing here, they held. Gone are the days of using clamps form Home Depot or worrying about weights falling off the bars. The Proloc Collars collars saved the day. We will get more Proloc Collars collars at TPS and continue to abuse them daily with no fear of failure. I highly recommend them to you."
C.J. Murphy MFS, C-ISSN

Warranty of product is 2 years
PROLOC LLC products are covered by a warranty from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not apply if, in the judgment of PROLOC LLC, the product fails due to damage from shipment, handling, storage, accident, abuse or misuse, or if it has been used or maintained in a manner not conforming to product's instructions, has been modified in any way, or has a defaced or removed fastener. Repair or disassembly by anyone other than PROLOC LLC voids this warranty. The maximum liability of PROLOC, LLC is the unit product purchase price. Warranty claim is limited to direct product replacement only. Customer must provide proof of purchase, description of complaint, the product(s) in question, name, address, phone, and email if available. PROLOC LLC will only replace after receipt of said item(s). This warranty does not apply to unreasonable use or damage. If you disassemble the locking knob and incorrectly replace it ruining the thread the warranty is void. All warranty claims are subject to return and inspection for replacement only.

Safety & Product Care
PROLOC collars should never be used to retain weights for overhead lifting, such as ‘tricep-extensions’ or ‘pull-overs’. Furthermore, PROLOC collars are not designed to hold weight plates in a vertical orientation, where the full weight or the plates bears on the collar only. Do not ever rely on a barbell collar to secure weight above any part of yourself or another person!

A PROLOC collar thought to be defective, damaged, or not working properly, should NEVER be used as injury may occur. A PROLOC collar that is thought to be damaged should be removed from use immediately so that it cannot be used on fitness equipment. If any PROLOC fails under warranty, contact your place of purchase or Your PROLOC collars require no special maintenance or care. Although it is highly durable, it should be treated with care. You should not drop, throw or crush your PROLOC collars. Rough handling of PROLOC collars will void warranty, shorten their life, and can compromise user safety.

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