REHBAND RX Shin/Calf Support

The Rx Shin/Calf Support is the ideal choice if you seek inflammatory prevention or if you want to protect your shins against friction.


Rehband - Rx Shin/Calf Support

The advanced construction is designed to provide optimal functionality for both heavy workouts and injury prevention.

The Rehband Rx Shin/Calf Support is classified as a medical device. The benefits are numerous. The sleeve protects your shin from friction and hits. Your muscles are  brought up to working temperature faster and the warmth provides pain relief. The optimal fit increases muscle control and coordination, leading to reduced energy waste. 

Take your training to the next level with the Rehband Rx Shin/Calf Support. 

  •  Anatomic construction
  • Higher muscle coordination
  • Protects shin from friction and hits
  • Reduced energy waste 
  • Fast warm-up and retained temperature
  • Reduced inflammatory reaction
  • Relief of calf and shin pain

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