Sabertooth Bench Press Bar

The ultimate tool for the ultimate bench, the Sabertooth is designed for the biggest attempts with strong construction and extra-long sleeves. WE ONLY SELL THIS BAR WHEN IT IS IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY.
Typically ships in one business day.

Sporting a full eight-feet of bar, the Sabertooth™ is a precision specialty tool in your quest towards a champion bench. This bar has an additional six-inches to load plates, ensuring that even the strongest lifter will know no limits on their strength. The feel of this bar caters to the needs of elite lifters. The Sabertooth™ Bar is perfect for meets or to prep your team to knock down big PRs at meets.

Brian Carroll has this to say about the Sabertooth™ Bench Press Bar:

"If you are wanting to bench big weights, and want the perfect bar to do it, the Sabertooth™ Bench Press Bar is for you!

The bars whip is almost non-existent, due to the diameter being slightly greater and sits just right on your hands (unless you have sissy hands).

Add in knurling that helps lock your grip into place, has about 6" more collar on either side so you can really load the weights (well over 1,000lb) and have enough bar for the spotters to most importantly keep you safe, and to have plenty of room for a good 3-man hand-off.

All of this added together equals the most badass bench bar on the planet that is the Mastodon of bench bars."

Product Features:

  • Bar length is 8' 1"
  • Bar thickness is 1 3/16"
  • Distance between the collars is 52"
  • Bar weighs 55 lbs / 25 kilos.


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