Spirit Fitness CRS800 Recumbent Stepper

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Spirit Fitness CRS800 Recumbent Stepper


The CRS800 Recumbent Stepper is the perfect solution for those clients wanting a low-impact, full-body workout, while performing a functional movement with minimal stress on lower body joints. The seated stepping motion utilizes a linked, linear motion enabling users to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate their range-of-motion capabilities. The smooth stepping action is complemented with oversized cushioned foot pedals, linked natural upper body motion with large cushioned multi-grip handles, and a step-through frame design for users with limited mobility.



• Linked upper and lower body linear pattern

• Self-adjusting linear step range from 1 to 12.5 inches

• Step-through frame design for users with limited mobility

• High density foam seat pads with recline and fore/aft adjustment

• Cushioned and adjustable multi-grip handles for comfort and variety

• Contact & Telemetric heart rate capabilities to make the workout more effective

• Oversized cushioned foot pedals for a comfortable feel

• Two cup holders located conveniently on each side of the seat frame



The design of the electronics features an intuitive interface for ease operation, large easy-to-read displays, and multiple program options for users of all levels of fitness. A storage tray for a phone, keys, or an MP3 player, seat mounted pulse grip handles for a comfortable hand position, and a Turbo cooling fan to keeps your clients cool and encourage them to workout longer. A quick press of a button and your clients are off on one of the many specialized workouts such as the Fat Burn or Interval programs.

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