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Spud Inc Low Pulley Attachment

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**This item is designed to be used in conjunction with the econo triceps and lat pulley, and will not function optimally by itself**

The Econo triceps and lat pulley just got a whole lot more versatile! With this new low pulley added to the triceps lat pulley your exercise selection is nearly limitless. The Low pulley system is designed to be easily added to the Triceps Lat pulley on a rack that is 6-7’ tall to use for exercises like seated rows, leg curls, leg extensions, biceps curls, and many more options. The Econo low pulley system comes with a single swivel pulley, a 6’3” cable, (2) 3/8” spring clips, a deluxe hamstinger, and a single stump strap (utility strap handle). Don’t limit your workouts anymore because you don’t want to fill your gym up with bulky equipment. 

1/4" Cable: 6'3" long
Pulley style: 2.5" swivel eye (weight limit - 550 lbs)

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