Breaking The 3-Plate Barrier: 315lbs x 3 Squat! (*Vid)

Thanks for reading! I'm currently prepping for SPF Myrtle Beach Full Power February 28th (I know, it's right around the corner). Last night I took my squat opener of 315lbs for a set of 3, which felt amazing considering 315lbs for a single has been my best raw squat ever.  This training cycle has gone amazingly well, and although I despise raw lifting, I feel like a 1,000lb raw total @ 148lbs is within reach. To get that I must hit a 350lb squat, 225lbs bench, and 425lb deadlift. There's no room for error; if I miss any one of my projected lifts, I won't make the 1,000lbs total.  Sweaty palms, Sweaty palms! I'm on track right now and feeling great, so let's see where this goes!  

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So, Matthew got me floor seat tickets to Jason Aldean for Valentine's Day. There's nothing like being able to sing my lil' off-key heart out... and no one can hear me! It was an amazing show. That was Awesome Valentine's Day Present #1. Awesome Valentine's Day Present #2 was a relatively easy squat triple @ 315lbs, which is nothing short of a miracle considering 315x1 was my best raw squat for years and years. I guess raw training is what you make of it, because even though I love geared lifting I'm actually seeing progress in my raw lifts (which will surely carryover into my geared ones). Here's how this went:

Warmup, Stretch, Foam Roll, Dynamic Mobility, Bike: 40 Mins

Squat, No Belt, No Wraps, Just EliteFTS Heavy Knee Sleeves : Barx10, Barx10, Barx5, 95x5, 135x3, 185x1, 225x1

Add Chucks, Belt + EliteFTS Krait Knee Wraps: 275x1, 315x1, 315x3


Single Leg Squats

KB Swings

KB Deadlifts

Banded Side Steps

Lying Ham Curls

Leg Extensions

Cooldown, Stretch: 30 Mins

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