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  • RPS Annihilation Meet Report!

    Kirschen began powerlifting competitively in 1998, and has since reached pro totals of 1901 in the 181-pound class, and 2000 in the 198-pound class. He has benched over triple bodyweight in two weight classes at full meets. Kirschen currently manages a fitness center in New York City.

    RPS Annihilation Meet Report!
  • Monday heavy lower

    The SPF meet at my facility was awesome. We had about 75 spectators with about 30 lifters. Had quite a few hit elite totals.

    Monday heavy lower
  • Manageable, Consistent, Progress

    Deadlift (PR), Pin Squat (PR)VIDEO, Touch and Go Bench (PR)VIDEO

    Manageable, Consistent, Progress
  • Can't wait to train!

    WYessica Martinez is a psychology and social work graduate from Florida International University, located in Miami, Florida. She earned her elite title in 2011, with a 755-pound total in the 132-pound weight class, at the SPF Outlaw Meet. Currently, she holds the APF Florida State and National Record in Junior and Open Women's Raw division with a 830.5-pound total. Trying to dominate the iron world, she is also a strongman competitor training to qualify for the Arnold. As a raw powerlifter and strongman competitor, her ultimate goal is to watch the sport grow and know she contributed to that in some way; whether it’s by sharing her journey that others can relate to or simply inspiring a little girl with big dreams.

    Can't wait to train!
  • Monday max effort bench- floor press with chains

    After a four-year stint as a Division 1 football player at Bucknell University, Casey Williams entered the sport of powerlifting to immediate success. With only two years of commitment to the sport, he broke the all-time world record drug tested squat and total. He is currently training for Raw Unity Meet in February.

    Monday max effort bench- floor press with chains
  • Depletion Workout

    Taxed with raising three teenage daughters and affecting culture change in his 30-year-old business, Mark’s release and sanity are found in the iron. Follow his training log to see how he copes with the physical effects of moving weight for 25 years while seeking new, creative methods to ignite hypertrophy.

    Depletion Workout
  • Tough Times Ahead

    Hannah is a pro-level powerlifter with a 1200-pound total (450/325/480) in the 148-pound weight class. She is currently a top-ranked female powerlifter with the best equipped lifts of 450-pound squat, 325-pound bench press, and 480-pound deadlift. She hit her first 1000-pound raw total in February.

    Tough Times Ahead
  • Quick Meet Updates-

    I'm on vacation and don't have access to an actual computer, so I'm doing the best I can with my tablet. The features are different and my Flickr isn't cooperating, but as soon as I figure it out I'll post plenty of pics...

    Quick Meet Updates-
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