Quick Meet Updates-

I'm on vacation and don't have access to an actual computer, so I'm doing the best I can with my tablet. The features are different and my Flickr isn't cooperating, but as soon as I figure it out I'll post plenty of pics...

In short, I took back my 400lbs+ squat (which was pretty much my only goal after not squatting in a meet in two years), I almostreclaimed my 300lb bench, and my deadlift sucked worse than it ever has. But I didn't get hurt, I didn't bomb out, and I loved every minute of competing after all this time off.

I ended the meet with a 405lbs squat, 290 bench and 405lbs deadlift- 1100lbs Total (Almost 200lbs over an Elite Total, yet still 100lbs less than my best, but I'm tired of beating that dead horse). First place and Best Female Lifter, and ALL NEW Women's 148 Police & Fire records! Many thanks for the support from all my FB friends and readers of EliteFTS, "My Everything" Matthew, who is the underlying reason I am successful, and the awesome crowd that came to support all of the lifters today. I'm back on the platform, I'm injury free, and I'm grateful for the many little things that make my sport so great. Love my powerlifting family!!

Give me a little time to figure this Flickr issue out, and I'll post up the meet pics!

Strong (Her)!,
Hannah Johnson

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