Training at EliteFTS Day Three - Squats

This was a great learning experience for me. I had no idea how to pick a squat out of a mono and the goal for today was to learn how.
I'm lucky enough to get to train at a gym with a mono, and have been using it recently, but I've walked out my squats for the last six years, so this is new to me.
I have nailed down the *pick, step, lock hips, step, lock hips, settle, SQUAT*, so skipping steps 2-4 had me thrown off, and the weight felt heavier on my back than it should have.
Lily, Joe, and Ted were saints when it came to helping me. They told me I needed to be more upright on the pick, with my hips stacked under my ribs, head already in place, take my breath, THEN lock my knees to pick the bar out of the mono. That part came quick and felt way more stable.
The next part I had to learn took a few sets. I wasn't waiting long enough after the pick to let the weight settle. It took Joe yelling at me a few times, but eventually got the idea and was PATIENT.

Sticking to the plan at three weeks out, I took my opener reverse mini band and second/third attempts reverse light. They all moved FAST.


Leg Press

Reverse Hypers
Had Lily critique me on these and felt my mid back light up

Kneeling cable crunch

Ended the weekend with food and exploring Columbus a little

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