Travel Stick

Standard flexibility, the Travel Stick is the second 2nd shortest Stick. It is great for portability; primarily used on legs.

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90 % of 100

The Stick has become a standard training device at each level of every sport. Pre-activity stretching of muscle, without hyper-extending the joint, is a benefit beyond measure in certain sports. Post-activity use of the Stick enhances and accelerates muscle recovery, which leads to elevation of performance. Professionals report that strength , flexibility, and endurance occur naturally with release of the myofascia and inactivation of offending trigger points. The Travel Stick has been popularized by the USA Cycling Team. It is a favorite model for many athletes during travel. Like all the small models, the Travel Stick is more suited for the lower legs.


LENGTH: 17 inches
WEIGHT: 9 ounces

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