Troy - VTX Solid Bumper Plates

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Troy Sold Bumper Plates

These interlocking bumper plates are one of a kind. Great for power cleans, snatches, hang cleans and snatches, high pulls and deadlifts. These plates interlock for maximum stability when handling big lifts. The 5lb and 10lb plates are ideal for beginners that need to work on technique without sacrificing form from the starting position.

Some Bumper Plate buying tips:

* If you are dealing with pretty strong athletes that can easily clean 135 or more, you only need 45lbs bumper plates. You can always use steel plates for 35, 25, 10 and 5lb jumps. So buy as many 45's as you need and make up the rest with steel plates.

* If you are dealing with a lot of weaker athletes and lifters, it would be in your best interest to invest in the 5 and 10lb plates. This will ensure that they are learning the correct body position for cleans and snatches, especially at the beginning of the lift.

* The 25lb and 35lb plates are essential for beginner athletes as they give a good goal for them to shoot for and respond better to dropping than the 5 or 10lb plates.

Price is for one bumper plate.

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