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Tsunami Bar® Ultra-Light Standard Grip


Tsunami Bar® Ultra-Light Standard Grip

A bar you need! 

  • Wide range of grip indicators
  • Great muscle activation and stabilization
  • Increase power, speed, and conditioning
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Tsunami Bar® Ultra-Light Standard Grip 

The Tsunami Bar® is a flexible barbell that is made from a combination of special composite materials that provides an extraordinary training stimulus. This stimulus is based off two factors that are known as amplitude and oscillatory actions.

The dual action of the bar that includes amplitude and oscillatory movement creates a rolling wave that stimulates the sensory receptors, which are scientifically known as proprioceptors. When these sensory receptors are stimulated at a higher degree than a standard barbell this allows for greater muscle activation and stabilization. In fact, EMG testing data suggests that muscle activation is approximately 20 percent greater, and that stabilizer muscles are three times more active using the Tsunami Bar® compared to a standard barbell.

All lifts performed on a standard barbell can be performed with the Tsunami Bar® - and then some. Today's athlete is looking for a power reservoir inside them that they can pull from at any moment in time and be fit to perform any task that is thrown at them from a power, speed, conditioning, and functional standpoint. The Tsunami Bar® will help build this power reservoir to meet the needs of a modern-day athlete. What separates the Tsunami Bar® is that it comes to life, not based on weight added to the bar, but according to forces and movements that are used against the bar. This is what makes it unlike any training bar or device out there.


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  • Length: 72"
  • Weighs: 10 pounds
  • Recommended Loading Range: 2.5-10 pounds per side
  • Diameter: 1.25" grip
  • Revolving sleeves
  • Total Weight Range: 15 pounds to 30 pounds which can result in reversal forces of 15 pounds to over 120 pounds



  • (1) pair of Croc Lock collars

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