Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach's Guide

By Bob Takano  

Paperback 7 x 10"

244 pages

Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach’s Guide by Bob Takano is the most thorough English-language book available on the subject of program planning for Olympic-style weightlifting. 

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Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach’s Guide by Bob Takano is the most thorough English-language book available on the subject of program planning for Olympic-style weightlifting. Takano covers the theoretical and practical issues, the biological and mathematical underpinnings, and provides a straightforward process for developing training programs with plentiful examples.


“For a systematic approach to designing programming for competitive weightlifters, there is nothing better in the English language than this book. All coaches serious about developing elite level weightlifters must have this book on their shelves.”
—Greg Everett, author of Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches


“The age of the internet has brought us a lot of phony weightlifting experts, self-created gurus who have a list of actual lifting accomplishments that you could fit on a postage stamp.  Bob Takano is a true weightlifting master from the old school, and his knowledge is a benefit to anybody who wants to improve in this great sport.”
—Matt Foreman, author of Bones of Iron


“Bob Takano’s book, “Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach’s Guide” is excellent. As I looked at it page by page my reaction was “WOW!” What an Olympian task, so much great, detailed information. What I liked best was all the detailed programs, lift by lift, set by set, rep by rep, day by day, workout by workout. And the information on the Eastern European workouts and training methods is explained as well as I’ve ever seen. This book has so much great information, every Olympic-Style Weightlifting coach should buy it read it and use it as a reference in their coaching. Lifters that like to know the “nuts and bolts” of weightlifting should read this book.”
—Jim Schmitz, US Olympic Weightlifting Team Head Coach 1980, 1988, Assistant Coach 1992, President of USA Weightlifting 1988—1996, Member of IWF Executive Board 1992—1996


“Bob Takano is a legend in strength athletics. Whether you are a recreational lifter or a coach in a competitive gym, you will use this book as much as you will enjoy it.”
—Robb Wolf


“Bob Takano is one of the best weightlifting coaches I have ever known. I have had the opportunity to know and talk weightlifting with him for many years. His knowledge of the history and technical aspects of the sport are second to none. I highly recommend this as part of your weightlifting library. Bob is one of my "go to coaches" when I have a question."
—Patrick Cullen-Carroll CSCS, USA Weightlifting International Coach


“Coach Takano has distilled over 40 years of knowledge gained as a weightlifter and hall of fame coach and over 20 years of knowledge gained as a biology teacher to create a truly unique addition to any weightlifting coach’s library. Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach’s Guide provides a clear and concise overview of the developmental process as well as specific information needed to design training programs to develop world-class weightlifters. This book is a MUST HAVE for all weightlifting coaches. You will not find a better book on weightlifting programming anywhere.
—Sean Waxman, Waxman’s Gym


“Bob Takano has packed this book with the all the basic tools one needs. He sets the scene with the scientific and sport history and follows up with a logical and scientific method to achieve success in Weightlifting. His book explains all the aspects of athlete development and that sets it apart from other texts. It deals with the science of sport, and keeps it easy to comprehend. This is a "must have" and will be exposed to numerous readings as the coach digs deeper into the process.”
—Brian Derwin, 1980 Olympic Team, National Champion, and former president of USA Weightlifting


“I have been in the sport of weightlifting, both as an athlete and as a coach, for almost 50 years. I have also known Bob Takano for nearly this same length of time. I know Bob to be one of the most insightful minds in our sport. But I was stunned by the comprehensive nature of his new book. This book is definitive, in my opinion, and should the essential text on the bookshelf of every coach and athlete. In my mind, planning is the element of the training toolbox which sets the successful program apart from all the others. And Bob Takano has provided the quintessential guide for all of us. You owe it to yourself to buy this book and begin to immediately incorporate the vast knowledge Bob has provided.”
—John Thrush, head coach Calpians Weightlifting, former vice-president of USA Weightlifting, former USA National Junior Team Coach


"I've known Bob Takano for many years and have had the pleasure of coaching the U.S. Women's team at teh World Championships on several occassions with him. It is no surprise to me that he has produced a very informative instructional book for olympic weightlifting coaches which is well worth close study. Very impressive Bob."
—John B. Coffee, Coach of 18-time national champion team Coffee's Gym, former USA National Women's Team Head Coach


"This book is long overdue for the coach and athlete who are looking for a step by step approach to planning weightlifting training at all levels. Great details and lot of thought went into each section covering planning, recuperation, nutrition."
—Andrew Charniga, Translator of Russian Weightlifting Library


“I have known Coach Takano as part of our local weightlifting community for nearly 40 years. I am well aware of his 20+ hours per week coaching weightlifters at no charge for decades, primarily while he was a science teacher at Van Nuys High School in southern California. His Weightlifting Programming book is very complete and brings together in one place hard to find detailed information about coaching weightlifters. Bob presents it as he used it experimentally over many years of extensive hands-on experience. In addition to program planning details, the associated topics, such as physical and mental development, progress evaluation, and restoration methods, makes for a rather complete view of specialized coaching. A must-have book for anyone serious about making the coaching of weightlifters a significant part of their professional lift, and a great reference tool for strength coaches.”
—John Garhammer, PhD, CSCS, FNSCA


“A masterful synthesis of new and  original content with the Russian manuals, this book will become the modern yet quintessential reference for all aspiring and experienced olympic weightlifting coaches.” 
—Ursula Garza Papandrea, USAW Senior International Coach

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