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Metal Gear Manual (pdf)

Interview with Collegiate Strength Coach Specialist Joe Kenn by EFS Staff (3/18/10)

The End of the Unlikely Powerlifter by Matt McGorry (3/18/10)

7 Signs You’re Weak by Matt Rhodes (3/17/10)

Training in the Zone of Proximal Development by Joe Hashey (3/17/10)

The Coaching Eye by Matthieu Hertilus (3/17/10)

MD Training Bytes by Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey (3/16/10)

Strength and Conditioning for Combat Athletes by Doug Balzarini (3/16/10)

How to Own the Chinese Buffet: A Guide to Getting Huge on the Cheap by Jason Pegg (3/16/10)

Off-Season Training for High School Football Players by Eric Korem (3/15/10)

A Strength Coach’s Guide to Movement Assessment: Part 1 by Andrew Paul (3/15/10)

My Review of the Metal Ace Pro Bench Shirt by Vincent Dizenzo (3/15/10)

Arnold Bingo Results by Rachel Cassano (3/10/10)

Five New Powerlifting Assistance Exercises by Bret Contreras (3/10/10)

Training for Football by James Burk (3/10/10)

International Day of Awesomeness by EFS Readers (3/10/10)

Rhode Rules by Matt Rhodes (3/09/10)

Three Reasons Why I Hate “Fitness” by Jason Nunn (3/09/10)

Strength Development for Young Athletes by Rick Daman (3/09/10)

The Cure for Cardio ADD by Nia Shanks (3/08/10)

A Strength Coach’s Guide to Dealing with Pain, Part 3: Low Back by Andrew Paul (3/8/10)

5/3/1 for Football: Jim Wendler/Angry Coach Interview by Rachel Cassano (3/08/10)

Off-Season Football Training for the NFL: Working with defensive players from the Oakland Raiders by Matt R. Wenning (3/4/10)

Entertainment at the Arnold: B-I-N-G-O by Jim Wendler and Rachel Cassano (3/03/10)

Your Metabolism Is the Key! by Adam Signoretta (3/03/10)

Training Young Athletes: The Philosophy of a Part-Time Trainer and Full-Time Dad by Kelly Clinevell (3/03/10)

It's Not About Luck by EFS (3/03/10)

Five Key Supplements by Shelby Starnes (3/02/10)

The Extinction of Health by Matt Brown (3/02/10)

What are Dumbbell Elevators? by Joe Kenn (3/02/10)

Top 5 Advantages of Swiss Bars by EFS Staff (3/01/10)

Reactive Training Systems for Strongman by Mike Tuchscherer (3/1/10)

A Fighter Training Fighters: An Interview with Jimmy “the British Assassin” Campbell by Eric Patterson (3/01/10)

Stupid Gym Rules by EFS Readers (2/27/10)

Home Gym Advantage by EFS Readers (2/26/10)

Are Home Gyms Cheaper than Commercial Gyms? by Rachel Cassano (2/25/10)

Dirty Versus Clean Dieting: A Roundtable Discussion by Jamie Hale (2/24/10)

The Power of Sandbagging: An Interview with Josh Henkin by Troy Anderson (2/24/10)

Pull-up for Activation by Mark “The Student” Harmon (2/24/10)

Gots to Get Your Deload On by Jim “Smitty” Smith (2/23/10)

2010 Lexen Extreme Pro/Am Writeup by Jason Pegg (2/23/10)

EliteFTS Spotlight: University of Richmond Strength Coach Jay DeMayo by The Angry Coach (2/23/10)

Q&A with The Virginia Beach Beast by Zach Even-Esh (2/23/10)

Recovery 101: Nutrition by Charlie Cates (2/23/10)

Parallel Bar Dips: Old School Power Builder by JP Carlson (2/23/10)

10 Reasons Why EFS is Relocating by Rachel Cassano (2/20/10)

A Person with an IQ above Room Temperature: Interview with Phil Richards by Mark “The Student” Harmon (2/19/10)

Why You Aren’t Getting Faster by John Cortese (2/18/10)

Log Jammer Training for Football by Chris McDole and Dave Beakley (2/18/10)

So You Want to be a Meet Director? by Scott Yard (2/17/10)

Interview with Collegiate Strength Coach Specialist Joe Kenn: Part 2 by EFS Staff (2/17/10)

50 Reasons: Why? by EFS Readers (2/17/10)

Q&A: Matt Kroczaleski New DVD and Bodybuilding by Rachel Cassano (2/16/10)

Gym People by Dustin Kuhl (2/16/10)

A New Approach to Strongman Training for the General Population by Jason Nunn (2/16/10)

The Truth About Valentine’s Day by Jim Wendler (2/15/10)

How to “Fire” a Client During Tough Economic Times by John Izzo (2/15/10)

(Don’t) Assume the Athletic Position by Joe Kenn (2/15/10)

Featured Article: How to Work Wonders with a Piece of Wood: The EliteFTS Definitive Guide to Board Pressing by Rachel Cassano (2/01/10)

It Isn’t About the Weights by Josh Heenan (2/11/10)

Eating “Clean” Isn’t Enough! by Eric Serrano, MD and Scott H. Mendelson (2/11/10)

ONE Movement by Dave Tate (2/10/10)

Lift for Haiti by Jim “Smitty” Smith (2/10/10)

Exploding Fat Loss Myths by Jamie Hale (2/9/10)

Developing High School Physical Preparedness by TJ Lensch (2/09/10)

Under the Bar: Feburary 2010 by Dave Tate (2/09/10)

Training Alone by Derek Barker (2/08/10)

Coaching Versus Training by Adam Plagens (2/08/10)

McGorry/Starnes Interview: Powerlifting to Bodybuilding by Shelby Starnes (2/08/10)

Alleviating Ailing Ankles: Part 2 by Carson Boddicker (2/4/10)

Interview with Collegiate Strength Coach Specialist Joe Kenn by EFS Staff (2/04/10)

Three Simple Steps to Building Maximum Muscle by Sean Barker (2/04/10)

Power to the Push-Ups by Ryan Minney (2/03/10)

National Teach a Kid to Lift Month by Shon Grosse (2/3/10)

Six Rules for Building Athletic Linemen by Chad Wesley Smith (2/03/10)

Metabolic Stimulus: Fat Loss Rewards for Oxygen Debt Juliet Deane (2/03/10)

Tag Team with Tate and Wendler by Nate Green (2/03/10)

Motivated People Only by Ryan Espey (2/1/10)

The Mindset of a Powerlifter by Robert Trevino (2/01/10)

Abdominal Time Waster by Adam Signoretta (1/28/10)

Is Bottled Water Safer Than Tap Water? by Jamie Hale (1/28/10)

ONE Movement by Dave Tate (1/28/10)

Assistance Exercises for the Raw Squatter by Scott Yard (1/27/10)

How to Close a Sale Secrets Q/A by Alwyn Cosgrove (1/27/10)

The Vision: Competition by Dave Tate (1/26/10)

Priming the Pump by Justin Melanson (1/26/10)

Time by Aaron DiPrima (1/25/10)

No Prowler? No Problem! by Adam Plagens (1/25/10)

Links of Solid Metal Lead to Strength, Speed and Stability by Rachel Cassano (1/25/10)

Training for a Shot at the 2012 Olympics by Jamie Jamison (1/21/10)

Part Two: Discussing Common Arguments Against the“Full Olympic Lifts” by Oliver Whaley (1/21/09)

Leg Training for Linemen: The Top Eight Lower Body Movements for the Big Men by Steven Morris (1/21/10)

The Top Five Sandbag Exercises for Football Training by Steven Morris (1/20/10)

Things I Learned in 2009 by Tom Sullivan (1/19/09)

Extreme Squat Training and Squat Cycle by Matt Wenning (1/19/09)

Weight Loss and Strength: A 10-Week Experiment with Shelby Starnes and 5/3/1 by Will Irby (1/18/10)

No Fear by Ryan Burgess (1/18/09)

Fat Loss for Dummies, Part 2: The Lost Art of Intensity by Matt Pack (1/18/10)

Down with the Hammer Curl by Mathew Bertrand (1/14/09)

A Reactive Training Manual Overview by Mike Tuchscherer (1/14/10)

4 Tips for the Aspiring Strength Coach by Rachel Cassano (1/14/09)

Part One: A Basis for Using the “Full Olympic Lifts” in Training by Oliver Whaley (1/13/09)

Conditioning—When and How? by Tony Montgomery (1/13/10)

Muscle Blast by Frank Francisco (1/13/10)

On the Prowl to Figure it Out by Rachel Cassano (1/12/09)

Improving the Deadlift by David Adamson (1/12/09)

Interview with Ricky Daman by Zach Even-Esh (1/12/09)

Damn, My “Insert Anything Here” Hurts by Jim Smith (1/11/10)

It’s Not a Race for Last by Joe Kenn (1/11/09)

Shoulder Rehab by Brian Carroll (1/11/10)

How to Add Cardio and Diet to Your Powerlifting Regimen by Adam Signoretta (1/7/09)

No gym? Solution: Car Pushes and Parking Lot Sprints by Hannah Johnson (1/7/09)

In the Field: Working as a High school Strength Coach by Adam Plagens (1/7/09)

The New Lifter by Derek Barker (1/6/09)

Iron Intelligence by Matthieu Hertilus (1/6/09)

Finding the Line: What Are We Really Supposed to Eat? by Jamie Caporosso (1/6/09)

The Female Athlete’s Epidemic by Will Hawkins (12/11/08)

Fat Bar Training Protocols: Part I by Mark “The Student” Harmon (1/5/09)

ONE Movement by Dave Tate (12/19/09)

Six Ways to Use Sandbags in Your Football Strength and Conditioning Program by Steven Morris (1/4/09)

A Beginner's Guide to Overhead Pressing by Richie Whitehead (1/4/09)

Pursuit of Perfection by Rachel Cassano (1/4/09)

Celebrate 2010 with Champagne and Man Ranch by Rachel Cassano (12/31/09)

From The Mill 12/31/09 by Dave Tate (12/31/09)

New Year, New Goals by EFS Readers (12/30/09)

Strength, Courage and Cancer by Rachel Cassano (12/30/09)

Use the Yoke Bar by Dave Tate (12/30/09)

Give Them What They Need by Tobias J. Jacobi (12/29/09)

Carbohydrates by Brandon Braner (12/29/09)

The Vision by Dave Tate (12/29/09)

Some Days I Hate Squats by Matthieu Hertilus (12/28/09)

Kettlebell Grip Strength by Adam Signoretta (12/28/09)

Squat Progressions for Athletes by Jason Pegg (12/28/09)

Training Blast & Dust by Dave Tate (12/24/09)

Win if You Can, Cheat if You Must, But Always Cheat! by Billy Mimnaugh (12/23/09)

EliteFTS Spotlight: Brian Carroll by Rachel Cassano (12/23/09)

60 Bench Tips and Common Mistakes EFS Readers (12/23/09)

The Holy Wars; Why I Use Olympic Lifts…Sometimes Todd Hamer (12/22/09)

Fat Loss for Dummies, Part 1: Everything Works but Nothing Works Forever by Matt Pack (12/22/09)

The Prowler: A Review by Lucas Wiester and Jon Gold (12/22/09)

Make-A-Wish with Training Insanity by EFS (12/21/09)

The Mindset Behind a Great Bench Press by Vincent Dizenzo (12/21/09)

Iron Warrior Training by Jason Adams (12/21/09)

ONE Movement by Dave Tate (12/19/09)

How to Set Up on the Deadlift by Jim Smith (12/17/09)

Turning Dreams into Reality... by Rick Daman (12/17/09)

Powerhouse AND Hard Body by Rachel Cassano and Jason Adams (12/17/09)

Bob Youngs and the Restless by Glenn Buechlein (12/16/09)

A 4.30 40-Yard Dash by Jimmy Lamour (12/16/09)

From The Mill 12/16/09 by Dave Tate (12/16/09)

EliteFTS: Top 8 Good Morning Exercises by Dave Tate (12/15/09)

The Fifties by Lonnie Watson (12/15/09)

Nutrition Q&A, Part 5 by Dr. Eric Serrano and Scott Mendelson (12/15/09)

Long Arms, High Hips, Strong Deadlifts by Myles Kantor (12/15/09)

Do You Have to Be Fat to Be Strong? by Mike Westerdal (12/15/09)

The Pace of Your Stroke: Using Tempo for Gains in Size and Strength by J.L. Holdsworth (12/15/09)

Smith’s got your Back: Warm-ups for Squat Injury Prevention by Rachel Cassano (12/11/08)

Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method in It by Glenn Buechlein (12/10/09)

The ABCs of Tire Flippin’ by Team Gorilla Pit (12/10/09)

Training the High School Powerlifter by Chad McMullin (12/09/09)

Methods for Training Clients with Hardcore Minds, Not Bodies by Ty Ferrell (12/09/09)

Is Your Finisher Going to Finish You? by Joseph Leff (12/08/09)

Importance of Fast Twitch Capacity in Football Training by TJ Lensch (12/08/09)

The Key to Reach Athletic Achievement by Matt Kroczaleski (12/08/09)

How Do I Get Explosive Strength? by Joe Hashey (12/07/09)

Explosive Upper Body Training for Football Lineman by Steven Morris (12/07/09)

The Gun Show: The EliteFTS Top 10 Exercise Guide for Bigger Biceps by Dave Tate (12/07/09)

Top 75 Training Books by EFS Readers (12/5/09)

Get a Grip: Know What’s False by Rachel Cassano (12/04/09)

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for a Meathead by Jim Wendler and Rachel Cassano (12/4/09)

From The Mill 12/4/09 by Dave Tate (12/4/09)

EFS Pro Short Band Strength by Rachel Cassano (12/3/09)

The 10,000 Hour Phenomena: If You Want More, Be More! by Brett Klika (12/3/09)

Practical Training for the Civil Servant by Tom Kemble (12/01/09)

Flying Solo: When All You Got Is You by Adam Plagens (12/01/09)

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) by Michael Tuchscherer (12/01/09)

Introduction to Preparing Athletes for the Challenging Sport of Rugby Union by Thomas McLaughlin (11/30/09)

Successful Box Squat Cycles by Dave Tate (11/30/09)

Dual Rack Ropes by Dave Tate (11/30/09)

EFS Classic: Econo Prowler Review by Chad Aichs (11/28/09)

EFS Classic: 16 Ways to Maximize your Glute Ham Raise by Dave Tate (11/28/09)

EFS Classic: How to Kick Ass in a One Car Garage by Jim Wendler (11/27/09)

Eating healthy for Thanksgiving by Rachel Cassano (11/25/09)

Happy Thanksgiving by EFS (11/25/09)

How I became a staunch advocate of medication by Jim Wendler (11/25/09)

From The Mill 11/23/09 by Dave Tate (11/24/09)

Starvation and Survival by Jamie Hale (11/24/09)

Lessons Learned from Two Summers in Business by Tom Sullivan (11/23/09)

Is Your Warm Up Effective? by Matthew Brown (11/23/09)

Want to Train at EFS? Make a Plan or Suffer the Consequences by Rachel Cassano (11/2309)

Correcting and/or Preventing Muscular Imbalances by Dr. Michael Yessis (11/19/08)

A Breath of Fresh Air: The Renaissance of Basic Progressive Resistance Programs by P.J. Striet (11/19/09)

Squats: 100 reasons why YOU do them: Part 2 by Rachel Cassano (11/19/09)

Island Dave’s TOP 10 Reasons You Know You’re a Gear Whore by David Georges (11/18/09)

Squats: 100 reasons why YOU do them by Rachel Cassano (11/18/09)

EFS Classic: The Science of Winning According to Vasili Alexeyev by Dmitri Ivanov (11/17/09)

The Missed Lift by Dave Tate (11/16/09)

1100 Pound Abs by Dave Tate (11/16/09)

The Hip Flexor Solution by Andrew Paul (11/12/09)

The BS of the Strength and Conditioning Field by Travis Mash (11/12/09)

Teach Them to Land First by Jason Nunn (11/12/09)

Correcting Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Part 1 by Sam Visnic (11/12/09)

Beginner Deadlift Considerations: Conventional or Sumo? by Derek Barker (11/12/09)

Problem—Raw Bench Press; Solution—Plyometrics by Josh Bryant (11/12/09)

From The Mill: Your Questions Answered On Video by Dave Tate (11/11/09)

Blood and Chalk Volume 2: Jim Wendler Talks Big Weights by Bryan Krahn (11/11/09)

EFS Classic: What Happened After "The Gift" by Dave Tate (11/9/09)

EFS Classic: The Gift by Dave Tate (11/9/09)

So You Wanna Be a Fighter: Part 2 by Casey S. Rusbridge (11/5/09)

Rethinking Interval Training by Eric Cressey (11/5/09)

Athletes and Olympic Lifting by Chad Smith (11/5/09)

Alleviating Ailing Ankles by Carson Boddicker (11/5/09)

Three Football Speed Training Myths Busted by Steven Morris (11/5/09)

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