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The Level 2 ACUMOBILITY ball is a deep pressure trigger point tool designed for active release exercises, self massage and use by a practitioner.
Other mobility balls require you to roll over the muscle, but the ACUMOBILITY Ball is designed with a non-slip base that can be gripped or supported against a flat surface, while a patent pending flexion point allows the ball to isolate and maintain pressure on a specific spot deep in the muscle.
This controlled and isolated pressure allows you to fire and release the muscle while on the ball to neurologically retrain it to move more efficiently, while enhancing range of motion and muscle elasticity = a technique we call Active Mobilization.
The Result: enhanced length, greater power, improved performance, less injuries.
The LEVEL 2 Ball is significantly firmer than the Level 1 Ball and is meant to be used for extra deep pressure and release.
Use two Mobility balls for vice like compression, perfect spacing on the spine.
The Level 2 ball is also a fantastic hand saving tool for practitioner use during Massage, Active release and Trigger Point work.

Possible Benefits: 

  • Improved muscle elasticity and length
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility
  • When coupled with Active mobilization exercises it helps to re-pattern faulty movement patterns and improve athletic performance
  • Increases circulation and oxygen transportation to the muscle
  • Helps reduce muscle soreness and restriction for better recovery
  • Trigger point and myofascial release


  • The LEVEL 2 Ball is made from a 35 durometer silicone material that is comfortable enough for anyone to use, but still provides deep pressure release.
  • Patent pending Non-slip flat base designed to keep the ball in place whether it is on the floor, wall or other surface.
  • Patent pending built in flexion point allowing the ball to move with you and maintain constant contact on a trigger point or tight muscle.
  • Unique grip design, which allows the ball to be used comfortably for self-massage and assisted massage.
  • When put together the balls provide a vice like function allowing a muscle to be pressed between the balls for lateral compression.
  • Perfect spacing to be used on the back with the spine sitting between the balls.
  • The material is a food grade safe blend of silicone, which is incredibly durable and puncture resistant as well as kid and animal safe.
  • The ball can also be placed in the freezer overnight and used as a cool therapy tool for sore aching muscles.

Level 1 vs. Level 2:

  • We have two versions of the ball: LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2.
  • The LEVEL 1 Ball is our go to ball for anyone doing mobility and stability exercises and is firm enough for most deep pressure release.
  • The LEVEL 2 Ball is a 35 durometer silicone ball that is significantly firmer than the LEVEL 1 Ball and is meant for more intense muscle work and even deeper pressure. The LEVEL 2 Ball is not meant to be used for stability exercises because it does not have enough flexibility as the LEVEL 1 Ball.
  • It is our recommendation that you begin your mobility exercises with the LEVEL 1 Ball and once you are ready to move on to a deeper release then advance to the LEVEL 2 Ball.
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