BandBell StrongMaxx Bar

It was nicknamed The Pulverizer for a reason.
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For the sport of Strongman training and competition, we created a monster! This behemoth finally gives the sport its first true kinetic event – made to challenge the biggest and the best. Weight capacity?  Unlimited!

Weighing nearly 60-lbs., the Bar comes with heavy-duty chains and coupling mechanism.

How does the BandBell Bar work? 

Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE) causes stabilizing muscles to become more activated than any other form of exercise! This translates into increased bio-motor control as the stabilizers work together with the primary muscle movers.  The result is improved neuromuscular innervation, control and reflex response.  In addition to muscle and strength building, OKE increases blood flow to muscles and joint to maximize recovery & growth.


Bar weight: 57-lbs.

Length: 97”

Between dowels: 55”

Dowel length: 21”

Dowel diameter: 8 ½”

Bar diameter: 3”

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