elitefts Maverick Wrist Wraps

Just the right tightness and stretch provided without sacrificing concerns for stability!



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The AGM-65 Maverick is the king close air support for the Untied States Air Force.

An air-to-ground missile used in six wars in the timespan of 43 years, the AGM-65 Maverick has been produced in a multitude of forms. Versions have been manufactured with electro-optical, laser, charge-coupled and infrared guidance systems, as well as with two types of fuzes including both contact and delayed-action detonation systems. In other words, the AGM-65 Maverick can be used for almost any defensive or offensive purpose — with unmatched reliability.

When we sought to create our own all-purpose wrap, it became clear that we would need to use a variety of materials that could produce significant tightness and stretch without sacrificing concerns for stability. Too stiff of a wrap wouldn’t conform to the wrist for a perfect fit, and too pliable of a wrap would fail to provide stability. We needed a true hybrid that could be used by multiple lifters with varying styles. We needed the perfect layering of materials with precise construction.

We needed the Maverick wraps.

The details:

  • Tight-knit polyester core for stability, with a wider-woven exterior finish for more pliability and stretch, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Reinforced zig-zag stitching across key areas - like the Velcro and thumb loop.
  • Extremely versatile - wrap dynamics change with wrap style and tightness.
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