elitefts Multi Bar

  • Made in the USA
  • 190,000 Minimum PSI
  • 2000lb Static Load Capacity
  • 28.5mm Diameter
  • Light Knurling
  • Oly/Power Knurl Marks
  • No Center Knurling
  • 16.5" Loadable Bar Ends

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elitefts brings you the all new elitefts Multi Bar. Our Multi Bar is Made in the USA and features a sleek, all-black finish. The elitefts Multi Bar features 190,000 minimum psi, 2000lb static load capacity, 28.5mm diameter, turned, ground and polished steel / all-black finish, light/medium knurling, no center knurling, dual snap ring design, dual(2) Oillite bronze oil impregnated bushings/end, dual marks for Olympic and powerlifting, and 16.5” loadable bar ends.

From Olympic lifts, to powerlifting and accessory work, this is the elitefts Multi purpose bar you definitely need in your gym. 

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