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American Press Bar

The American Press Bar - because on the Fourth of July, the only thing neutral on this (like Switzerland) are the handles. It's an American-made steel embodiment of weight-busting aggression, and it's ready to help you attack your PR's!
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An off-shoot, or complimentary bar, to the Multi-Grip Swiss Bar, the American Press Bar was designed specifically for the bench press (as opposed to the log press).

This differs from the Multi-grip Swiss Bar (or Econo-Log) because it is not specifically designed to simulate a log press. Because of this, the handles are not as long, so it does not offer the wrist stability needed when doing log presses. The variety of parallel and angled grips makes this a great bar for overhead presses, benches, triceps extensions, rowing, and just about anything you can imagine.

The grips vary from handle to handle—the outer handles are thinner and the inner ones get progressively thicker. These three grips are based on the most popular grips used in the bench press. These grips are (from the inside out):

  1. Pinkies on or near the smooth
  2. An extended-thumb away from the smooth
  3. Middle-finger on the smooth
  4. The fourth grip is a close, angled grip perfect for triceps extensions (facing either way) or curling and semi-pronated reverse curls.

Remember, there are times in which you want to back off of your normal movement patterns (such as your competition bench grip) while working those muscles in order to give the body a break. For heavy benchers, a parallel grip may provide the break that their shoulder need.

American Press Bar Features:

  • Wide enough to fit in most racks
  • Bar weighs 38 pounds
  • The inside angled handles are 8" apart on center
  • The three nuetral grip handles are 17", 24", and 30" apart
  • 5" of rackable space between bar collar and grip rectangle
  • Fits standard racks - rackable space between 39.5" and 50.5" 
  • Overall Length: 83.5"
  • Sleeve Length: 15.5"

NOTE: Spring Collars do not fit or work with any specialty bar. We recommend any collar that screws down onto the bar such as PROLOCs.

Customer Review:

I purchased the Swiss Press Bar a little over a month ago. And I have to say you guys at Elite FTS did a great job! My athletes with shoulder problems have been using the Football Bar or Dumbbells, both of which have there draw backs. My stronger athletes can't kick the heavy DB's up safely and The angel of the FBB all be it great isn't suited for all shoulder issues or body types. Well I have been using the Swiss Press Bar on every shoulder issue that allows pressing movements at my facility. And I have noticed that buy adjusting the grip width I am able to get all the athletes pressing pain free and safe!

As a bonus I was playing around with the bar and did a little bicep work out, and it trashed my arms! Give this a try 8 reps on the widest grip with a tempo of 4110, rest 10 seconds repeat on the next grip in, rest 10 seconds and repeat on the next grip in, then grab the v section with a pronated gri and try to do 8 reps ( I had to drop the weight). Rest 2 min and repeat two more times.

So as you can see the bar is not just for pressing and triceps work.

Thank you for making such a great Bar!

-John Carlo
Owner and Director of Strength and Conditioning Performance inc.
Boise, Idaho

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