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elitefts™ Squat Box - 18x16x14

A lightweight, heavy duty squat box built with pride in Central Ohio. Perfect for easy transport and ease of switching box heights between training partners.
Usually ships within 4-6 weeks.
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Light Weight - Heavy Duty

This light weight - heavy duty squat box is built from the strongest closed cell foam we could find. Covered with high grade vinyl naugahyde.

Built with three different heights (14, 16 and 18 inch) to accommodate all your squatting needs.

This is also great for step ups, single leg squats and split squats.

Dimensions - 18x16x14

The height, width and depth will depend how you stand the box.

If you stand it on one end it will be 18" in height with a 16x14 base.

If you stand it to be 16" in height the base will be 18x14.

If you stand it so it is 14" heigh the base with be 18x16.

To adjust heights you flip the box to the height you want to use.

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