If you've never used it, you just wouldn't understand. One of the strongest liniments available for the aching lifter.

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The joys and hardships of Equi-Block

As part of a care package when I was a poor student, Dave sent me a bunch of liniments to help ease my aching joints. One of these was Equi-Block. Not knowing the strength of the EQ (the liniment, not the drug), I lathered myself with EQ on the way to the gym; my knees, my thighs, my shoudlers, my chest, my hip flexors and got some poor soul to rub some on my lower back. So far...so good.

As the workout progresses (it is squat day), I begin to sweat and the briefs and belt start rubbing against my skin. Within 20 minutes, I am in pain. Too much Equi-block and a lot of whining. I remain hunched over the Reverse Hyper, grimacing, cursing and calling out to the Gods to end this suffering. Suddenly, it dawns on me. The swimming pool! Since we were training at a garage that was located in an apartment complex, the swimming pool was open and ready. With renewed enthusiasm, I jump into the pull, briefs and all. The water and chlorine only made it worse.

Bottom line - EQ is some hot stuff. It takes awhile to start burning, and when it does, it is very effective. DO NOT use all over your body and for your own sake, do not scratch your junk with EQ on your hands.

Equi Block DT is a cost effective daily treatment for horses with chronic pain that requires a longer period of time to treat hard to block areas such as hoofs, stifles, whorlbones, hocks, etc.
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