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EZ Strap Squat-Bench Loader (Pair)

These EZ Squat-Bench Strap Loaders allow you to easily and simply find consistent ways to load chains on your favorite lifts.
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Different lifters. Different heights. Different weak points.

The EZ Squat Loader simplifies your set-up. With one oversized ring to be placed on the bar sleeve and four rings placed at various points along the reinforced webbing, you have FIVE places to add chains.

What this means is that it is easy to engage added load to your squats at a specific point in your range of motion. The rings are set so that chains can be added at about twelve inches, eighteen inches, twenty-two inches and twenty-eight inches below the bar.

Even better...

You can experiment with placing sets of chains on more than one ring, causing added load to engage at various points in the range of motion, creating a stairstep-type of effect.

While these are designed for squats, they can also be used for barbell rows, shrugs, presses or just about any exercise you can think of!

Requires carabiners to quickly add and remove sets of chains.

Sold in pairs.

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