Football Bar

The Football Bar is designed to build the bench while saving the shoulders.
Typically ships in 7-10 business days.

This football bar is perfect for anything from bench pressing to overhead pressing to accessory work and more.

Here are some examples of movements that you can now do with a neutral grip with this bar:

Bench press (will help alleviate shoulder stress)

Neutral Grip Rows

Overhead Press

Tricep Extensions


93 inches long 2.5 " between grips 15.5" rotating sleeve (not not including base) Bar weighs 45 pounds Black Powder Coat. Close grip 15.5 " med grip 20" wide 25".

Almost anything you can do with a straight bar, you can do with this bar. It'll ease the pain in your shoulders to boot. It's rackable, durable, and offers tons of variety.

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