John Meadows: Learn to Train 6 Presentation

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John Meadows: Learn to Train 6 Presentation
This learning aid is the entire video footage of John's Learn to Train Seminar Presentation with outline notes.

The content in this ebook was presented on May 17, 2013 at the eliteftsTM Learn To Train Seminar.

John Meadows topic was モMountain Dog Training Demystifiedヤ.

All profits from this video will be donated to Make-A-Wish OH, IN and KY.

About John Meadows

John has won 18 contests throughout his bodybuilding career including many state and regional titles, as well as a national title. He recently earned a class win at the NPC Masters Nationals. He has worked, and continues to work, with a number of athletes from differing backgrounds.

John tries to practice what he preaches. He has made it a goal to seek out the smartest people and try to learn the most he can from them.

His unique training system, which works to maximize muscle growth and places minimal wear and tear on the spine and soft tissues, has been featured in a number of magazine and web articles.
The key to training for bodybuilding and powerlifting is adaptation. Since John Meadows was originally inspired to build strength and size in order to emulate the heroes (and villains) from comic books, his presentation in- corporated a variety of images from the world of mutants, aliens and masked vigiliantes. To kick things off, Meadows uses the DC ComicsTM character Doomsday as an example. He explains that Doomsday was such a dangerous adversary for Superman because he was created by repeatedly upgraded genetic engineering to overcome any stresses or predators in his environment, eventually making him adapt into an indestructible wrecking machine. Meadows likens this to what he tries to accomplish through training, imposing a variety of different stimuli to create adaptation.

Meadows discusses the two types of hypertrophy: sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar (see images on page 4). Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy involved an increase in the fluids within a muscle fiber. Myofibrillar hypertrophy involves an increase in the amount of contractile elements in a cell. Mountain Dog training incorporates a variety of rep schemes and techniques to improve both of these.

Sticking to his comic book roots, Meadows uses the nihilistic titan Thanos (Marvel ComicsTM) as his example for muscle damage. Thanos was the behind-the-scenes badguy that orchestrated the alien invasion in the Avengers movie (his cameo took place during the credits). I assume he choose this image because Thanos can lay the smackdown on the Avengers at about the same level that John Meadows and Dave Tate punish themselves in the gym.

Video Running Time 1:15
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