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Pro Ab Wheel

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The only ab wheel that is built like a Monster Truck!

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Now this is crazy.

We had nothing better to do with our time so we decided to make a jacked up ab wheel. Yes, we know it is still an ab wheel but after seeing so many get smashed in the gym we had to up the game. This is made out of Iron and heavy rubber like you have never seen before.

Don't be fooled.

Some people write off the ab wheel as a gimmick exercise or piece of equipment. It's not a bad argument because of all the infomercials selling similar devices. But don't let the media fool you; this thing works and works well. A couple of sets of the ab wheel and a 24 hour window will show you how sore can get. An increase in abominal strength and mid-section stability will only reinforce this. We are always looking for new ways to train, but not at the expense of selling out. This ab wheel is built like truck and made to handle the abuse.

Combine this with weighted sit ups, hanging leg raises and oblique work and you will not get bored doing ab work!

Think your abs are strong? Most people do this while on their knees; this is acceptable, but try doing it while on your feet. This is shown on the elitefts exercise Index for the Squat/DL.

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