The Front Squat Harness

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The Front Squat Harness is the best piece of workout equipment to achieve the perfect front squat.
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Features -Closed cell foam padding -Military Grade metal construction -Front squat and zercher squat bar placement

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The front squat is a fantastic movement - known for trashing the quads, posterior chain, and inflicting wicked core strength upon athletes that regularly perform the movement. Unfortunately.. it's probably the least comfortable movement to do. When dealing with athletes of various builds, arm lengths, wrist mobility and so forth.. it's hard to program the front squat for a group of athletes..until now.

The Front Squat Harness from Rhyno Power allows you to lift the most weight and ensure perfect posture with less resistance. Created with NASA invented closed cell foam technology and military grade metals, the Front Squat Harness allows for greater versatility, application, and peace of mind.  

  • Build explosive power without dropping the bar.

  • The front squat is an exercise that encourages and develops an acute awareness of major muscle groups.

  • See improvement in movement and flexibility.

  • Upright posture promotes and grows upper back strength

  • The ideal exercise for the lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves

  • The comfort is unsurpassed!
  • The Front Squat Harness is incredibly stable on the shoulders.

The harness also allows you to perform the Zercher squat without destroying the inside of your elbows and bicep tendons. 

Comes in two sizes:

Medium: 46" chest and under

Large: Over 46" chest


The Front Squat Harness has been tested up to 800lbs. 

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