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Wake Up Motherf****r Smelling Salts


Wake Up Motherf****r Smelling Salts 

It’s time to GO!

  • Ammonia smelling salts
  • Increases breathing and heart rate
  • Potent!
  • Boost your strength!
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Wake Up Motherf****r Smelling Salts

Now you don’t need your training partner screaming, “Wake up mother****r,” in your ear before you attempt lifting maximal weight.

Directions: Simply shake the bottle to activate the ammonia smelling salts, remove the cap, and sniff six inches from nostrils.

It’s GO time!

To understand how smelling salts work, it's necessary to understand a little about the brain. All of our senses are processed through a center in your brain called the Thalamus...except for one: smell. Smell has a direct line to the amygdala (fight or flight center). Dating back to primitive times, smell was an incredibly useful sense used to detect food, people, or DANGER. If something DANGEROUS was detected by your nose, your brain was prompted into either FIGHT or FLIGHT mode for protection. In this physiological state, your body dumps adrenaline into your bloodstream and readies you to either fight or run for your life. 

Smelling salts are used to provide that sense of danger that your brain wants you to avoid. Taking a whiff of ammonia smelling salts induces that fight or flight mode in your brain, jolts your body with adrenaline, forces you to breathe in more oxygen, and helps you zone in on your target: the weights.  

Warning: Do not eat. Keep away from eyes. 

Smelling Salts Specs 

  • Store between 46- and 68-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 0.3 pounds


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