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Ammonia Caps


Ammonia Caps

Nothing gets your mind, nose, and body ready like a hefty dose of concentrated ammonia.

  • 10 ampules, 1/3cc per box
  • 15% Ammonia
  • Potent!
  • Boost your strength!
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Ammonia Caps

You’re warmed-up, feeling good, and ready to hit a PR. You’re well-fed, hydrated, and slept great the night before. You’re missing only one key component: A brain jolt from a whiff of ammonia. 

Crush a cap, inhale, and move weight. It’s that simple. You’ll experience an extreme sense of serenity and urgency to crush a PR.

Ammonia Cap Specs

  • Active Ingredient: Ammonia 15%
  • Uses: To aid in prevention or treatment of fainting AND to dominate weight
  • Warnings: For inhalation only
  • Do not use: If face is flush, in or near the eyes, if you have breathing problems such as asthma or emphysema

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