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American Cambered Grip Bar

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A subtle twist on a revered favorite. 

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American Cambered Grip Bar

The Cambered Bar has stood the test of time - proving itself to be a potent strength and mass builder for the bench press and upper body.  Adding a few extra inches to the standard barbell range of motion - the cambered bar takes full advantage of a loaded stretch and allows you train through the deepest sticking points.  

However - there are a few problems with the standard cambered bar model:

1. Rolling - the standard barbell grip often lends itself to rolling and any sort of unnatural rolling movement on the chest can be disasterous. 

2. The standard pronated grip is not always the healthiest for shoulders, biceps tendons, or pectoral muscles.

Enter: the EliteFTS American Cambered Grip Bar. 

The American Cambered Grip Bar fixes both of the above issues and then some:

1. Rolling is completely eliminated. With two rails that allow for a semi-pronated and semi-supinated grips, any rolling on the chest is virtually impossible - making the movement safer for the user. 

2. Semi-supinated or semi-pronated grips have timelessly shown to be easier on the joints and tendons of athletes all over the globe.  Athletes can now HAMMER target muscle grips with reduced or eliminated pain.  

What else?

  • The American Cambered Grip Bar can easily be used in reverse, thus creating a 2" decrease in the range of motion. This equates to a 1.5-board
  • Rowing with this bar allows for a two extra inches in the range of motion - creating a harder contraction.  


  • Bar weighs 38lbs.  
  • Fits standard racks - rackable space between 39.5" and 50.5" 
  • Does not accept spring collars - only collars intended for specialty bars should be used. We suggest the Croc Lock or Boa Bar Clamp

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