A Strength Coach's Dream: Reflexive Performance Reset

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I have a dream, that one day on the playing fields of this country, athletes will be free of aches and needless soft tissue injuries. That one day strength coaches will be able to address the cause of the issue before it destroys an athlete’s life with a major injury. I have a dream, that one day a strength coach can deliver immediate positive changes in an athlete’s flexibility, strength, and well-being. That the strength coach can almost instantly improve an athlete’s conditioning. I have a dream that strength coaches can immediately help athletes set big PR’s.

Although Martin Luther King Jr’s dream was bigger and bolder than mine, the difference is that I don’t feel his has quite been realized, and mine has. It’s called Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR).

RPR is hands down the most amazing system I have ever seen for affecting immediate change in the body. I have spent more money on different treatments than just about anyone I know, other than maybe Dave. The problem with these different treatments is that they are just that, treatments. They treat the symptom instead of addressing the cause of the issue. If they addressed the cause, they would be called solutions instead of treatments. Everyone knows that the money in anything is in the treatment—not the solution—to the problem. Our health care system is set up to allow these treatments to be the only option for our symptoms. As a result, we all put ourselves on this merry-go-round of treatment because we don’t know a better way. Well, there is a better way.

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The power in RPR isn’t as much in the techniques used, but in the system and how we teach it. Simply put, RPR resets your compensation patterns and allows your body to do its two most essential functions properly: to BREATHE and MOVE. I was first opened up to this system by a physiotherapist named Douglas Heel. Douglas taught me a system that addresses the cause of the issue instead of treating the system, and the results were amazing. The only problem was that parts of what he was teaching were not usable or applicable to strength coaches, personal trainers, and athletes. It also wasn’t formatted in a way that could be easily put into practice by this group of people, which happens to be my group of people.

RPR joe schillero manip Hannah

The raw information was there but it had to be honed, manipulated, and presented in a way that would allow strength coaches to take immediate control of their team’s health. Working with two other great coaches, Cal Dietz and Chris Korfist, we were able to put the information together in a way that showed strength coaches and athletes how to very easily implement the system into their normal training and make massive changes. This implementation into your normal training is very important, because so many people want you to stop doing your lifting and “getting stronger” work to do their “prehab” system instead. I know that strength conquers a hell of a lot, and you cannot cut that out of your program or you don’t have a program. The work Cal, Korfist, and I have done, as well as working with Douglas as his exclusive performance partners, was the beginning of Reflexive Performance Reset, or RPR.

There is nothing else I have seen that explains for you and gives you the tools to work on the cause of the issue like RPR does. I have worked with some great individual treatment guys who did some good things for me. The problem was that none of them had a system that they could teach to me so that I could reproduce the results once I left their office. This is part of the beauty in the RPR system: We developed RPR so you can produce results again and again with your athletes, and also give them tools that allow them to take control of their body on their own. Creating self-reliance in your athletes is so powerful because it allows you to empower them instead of relying on someone else for the health of their body. RPR also gives you the practical guide and instructions on how to implement the system within the team setting, which has to happen for the system to impact as many athletes as possible — the key word in all of this being YOU.

Finding Strength: Reflexive Performance Reset

You are the one who sees your athletes everyday. You are the one who has the most invested in their success. You are the one who probably shares my dream of helping your athletes. We want to make sure that you have the tools to help your athlete’s perform at their best and keep from getting injured.

I know that anyone reading this is always trying to learn and do a better job for their athletes. RPR doesn’t replace any of the knowledge that you have worked so hard to obtain, nor does the system make anything you have learned void or worthless. What it does is provide a system that enables everything you already know to work exponentially better. You learned all these strength exercises, now your athletes will be using the muscles you want them to, instead of strengthening their bad compensation patterns. You learned all about the energy systems and how to condition them, now your athletes will more effectively be able to train the right systems and perform better in competition. This is part of the beauty in the RPR system. It’s not about replacing anything; it’s about having a much deeper understanding of everything you have already learned.

Reflexive Performance Reset has now been used with just about every professional sport, the military, and many major college teams. They are all amazed at the results that RPR produces. The struggle I have when writing about RPR is that the changes are so massive and immediate that it’s unlike anything anyone has have ever experienced in their life. You may have read my dream and thought, "There is no way there is system that can do that." Well, even friends of mine for many years can’t understand or comprehend the massive changes it can create until I am able to show them in person.

One such instance happened last year at SWIS 2016. I was talking with a friend of mine, Christian Thibaudeau, who I had not seen in many years. As I described the system—to someone who I know is very intelligent about the body—I could tell he did not comprehend the massive changes I was talking about. So I asked if he wanted to spend about 10 minutes running through some RPR with me. These three, short, 20-second videos below show what changes he made to his rotational/anti-rotational strength, hamstring flexibility, and hip extension, range of motion, and strength over those short 10 minutes.

Rotational Strength Test

Hamstring Flexibility Test

Hip Extension ROM & Strength

Obviously I can’t go around showing everyone in-person how massive and immediate these changes are. Hopefully the videos in this article will start to help you get the picture. To get the full picture, you need to come to one of our RPR Coach certifications. We are having certifications around the United States and Canada this year, and we have broken the RPR certification down into smaller levels so that people can experience and learn it without a huge investment upfront. Our RPR Coach certification will give you the basic skills to implement the system with yourself or your team — and it's only $250. We did this because I know that my dream is one that is shared by every great strength coach out there, and I want then to realize their dream like I did. After all, "Live, Learn, and Pass On" is what makes this world a great place to live in.

The next big certification event is going to happen Sunday, February 26 at The Spot Athletics. This is the day after the elitefts.com Sports Performance Summit and will be held just a mile or so from the Sports Performance Summit. This will be a rare opportunity to learn, on Saturday, from some of the best in the business in sports performance. Then take the RPR Coach certification Sunday so you can keep all your athletes healthy and fully utilize everything you will learn on Saturday. Because we know what an amazing event the Sport Performance Summit will be and the quality of people that will be in town for the event, we will have Cal Dietz, Chris Korfist, and myself all teaching the Sunday certification. To register, visit the ReflexivePerformance.com website.



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