elitefts™ Deluxe Padded Head Harness

Build your neck to withstand the assault of heavy pulling and contact sports.
Typically ships in one business day.

It is the post-Apocalyptic future and your gym-earned strength and innate wits are the only thing that has ensured your survival. As you scour the ruins of society for the things you require, a wiry young ex-accountant comes at you from behind with a baseball bat.

You hear the dull thud and cracking of wood at the very moment you feel it. Your attacker (completely unprepared by his trendy high-rep presses, muscle-ups and WODs for when things really hit the fan) had to resort to a cowardly sneak attack.

The thick layer of functional meat coating your neck and traps has turned his attempted chiropractic adjustment into a minor annoyance.

As you laugh and snatch the cracked Louisville Slugger from his weak grip, you think of the result-producing sets of neck work performed with your elitefts™ Deluxe Padded Head Harness and let out a deep laugh.

Little Mr. Swing-and-A-Miss soils himself before you even inflict serious whiplash (without needing a bat) and send him home impersonating a popsicle.

You may never need to deflect an attempted neck realignment, but even if you just want a stronger, bigger neck, the elitefts™ Deluxe Padded Head Harness is the best tool to get you there!

You may say, "Who needs comfort?" but if comfort brings a difference in reps or poundage, then it becomes an issue. This smartly-designed harness surpasses any other neck-builder on the market.

Whether your goal is a nineteen-inch neck or to send your attackers running in fear, the elitefts™ Deluxe Padded Head Harness is exactly what you need to reach it!

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