Elitefts Heavy Knee Wrap, Gray w/Blk Stripes 3.0M

Elitefts Heavy Knee Wrap, Gray w/Blk Stripes 3.0M
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Strength Heavy

This style of knee wrap is most popular for equipped squatters, wide stance squatters and for lifters that like support and rebound. These wraps go on very tight and are not for those that cringe when the wraps get just a bit too tight. Ideal for world record attempts and big singles.

"The heavy wraps are a great first wrap for competitive lifters, although they are a great all-around wrap for lifters that don't like their shit gangster tight. Great for IPF lifters because they are stretchy, and you can get a lot of revolutions out of a 2 meter wrap."
- Elitefts Pro Lifter & Author Powerlifting 101, David Kirschen

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