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elitefts™ Power Rack - ISO 3X3

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The ISO rack allows for an incredible amount of static holds and compensatory acceleration training options, among others.


ISO Rack Assembly Sheet

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Features The ISO™ Attachment features:

*shorter rod and pipe spot pins

*33 holes along the length of the rack

*lowered brace, allowing you to deadlift with the plates on the floor.

*wide enough to still allow for the use of J hooks

What separates elitefts™ racks from the competition?

Backer Plates at all connection points. This provides greater stability and ensures that the rack frame will not be damaged or bent during assembly.

Rear K-Brace standard on all racks to help stabilize the Power Rack.

Weight Storage is welded to 3/8" flat bar then bolted onto the rack for the strongest weight storage possible.

Sumo Base to allow a wide stance for squatting and dead lifting.

Completely customizable to fit your needs including but not limited to color, height, chin bars, etc.

Comes partially assembled to allow for the first training session to begin quicker with the least amount of assembly as possible.

11 gauge steel (1/8" thick) but by using Backer Plates that are 3/8" thick the bolts have 1/2" of material supporting the connection on one side and 3/8" on the other.

Manufactured in the USA.

Lifetime warranty on all frames and welds.

Tested by the strongest athletes in the world.

Our ISO™ Power Rack is the best of both worlds: our popular Collegiate Rack combined with our ISO™ Power Rack Attachment.

Just as with our original Collegiate Rack, there isn't anything you will feel without. Here is what you get with this rack:

Sumo Base
Monkey Chin Bar
Rod and Pipe Safety Pins
Quick Adjust Safety Pins
Band Pegs Top and Bottom
Band Storage
Chain Storage with UHMW
Weight Storage with UHMW
Extra J Cups
2 Bar Holders (these are mounted on the back end)
Suspended Safety Chain Hooks
Numbered Posts
Texture Coated Rack Posts
1.5 and 2 inch hole spacing
Rack is now 94" tall
Extra Deep Squatting Area: 36"

**ISO™ Rack Complete total footprint 90Lx75W (Including Weight Pegs)

Why an ISO™ Power Attachment?

It's an old school isometric rack built in to a full collegiate rack.

Thus, the attachment allows lifters to train in such a way that they learn to absorb force through static, isometric, and quasi-isometric work.

The ISO™ Attachment features:

*shorter rod and pipe spot pins to absorb shock (this helps save your rods and bars over time)
*33 holes along the length of the rack, beginning about three inches off the floor. Not only does this allow the user to shift the bar height and create start and stop points (using rod and spot pipe pins), but it also allows the lifter to hit every range of motion in a lift.
*a counterweight post for a heavy dumbbell in order to hold the front of the rack in place
*lowered brace, allowing you to deadlift with the plates on the floor.
*wide enough to still allow for the use of J hooks

Other benefits:

*Using the pins and staying inside the attachment eliminates backward steps and wasted energy during deadlift training
*Stripping the rack (cage presses) helps you work in two dimensions (applying force into the rack as you push/pull the bar).

ISO™ Attachment Exercises:

*pin pulls
*isometric holds immediately followed by a full range of motion lift
*bent over rows
*incline barbell presses
*top-down deadlifts

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