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elitefts™ Shoulder Saver Pad

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Save your shoulders, improve your performance.

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The elitefts™ Shoulder Saver™ Pad works like a board press board without having someone hold the board or sticking it under your shirt. We have even see people strap bands around themselves to hold the board to their chest. We know - we have done the same.

In 2011 we created the Shoulder Saver™ Bar to solve this problem. The bar is awesome and works great but doesn't transport well to the gym and makes it hard to train with partners if they don't want to use it.

This pad solves these problem and more. It has a tight fit on the bar so it will not swivel in the middle of a set, it will not compress, is lightweight and transports well.

We took the original Shoulder Saver pad and made some changes. The exterior cover is a high-grip synthetic material designed for hard use. We made the pad a higher density so that it gave a true board-like experience. We dropped 500 pounds from two feet on the pad and it compressed less than one eighth of an inch. We even watched Dave run over a prototype with his Jeep...and it survived. In fact, dozens of PRs have been busted using that same pad.

This pad would be equal to a two-board.

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