Metal Pink Lifting Straps

The high quality METAL pink lifting straps.
Typicallys ships within one business days.

Every sport can benefit from wearing some type of straps. These METAL® straps may be just what you need to step up your game. 

There are several undeniable benefits to METAL® straps:

  • POWERLIFTERS can use straps to disengage the biceps tendons that often become inflamed from heavy squatting, bench pressing, and deadlifting.  By using METAL® straps, the hands and forearms are not required to contract, thereby avoiding stress on the biceps tendons. 
  • STRONGMAN competitors who compete in deadlift for reps events, for example, can use METAL® straps to stay locked in, careful not to lose unnecessary time on the clock with grip issues. 
  • PHYSIQUE competitors move weight with a targeted muscle in order to exhaust the muscle, spurring growth. Rather than having your grip stall before the muscle does, METAL® straps keep you locked in.  

You need these. And they’re pink. 

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