Strength Inc: 15 Minute Q&A with Ed Coan

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Ed Coan has been on the Inc Advisory Board since 2002. Throughout the years (including many years before, Ed was always willing to answer my questions and help me grow as a lifer. I still remember a meet in the last 80s in which I missed a third-attempt deadlift and Ed pulled me aside in the warm-up room to show me what I did wrong. Without knowing it, he completely changed my deadlift leading to a 40-pound PR in my next meet.  Ed has started Strength Inc. to pass on his three decades of knowledge and experience. This is a membership site and wants to be clear that, while we do support Ed in this endeavor and love the content he is putting out, we do not profit on any site sign-ups, membership fees, etc. The agreement we have with Ed is very simple. Inc has the exclusive right to post these informative video Q&As and any other material Ed sends us. These videos contain great content and also provides a glimpse into what Strength Inc. is about.

- Dave Tate, founder, Inc



Ed Coan Answers Your Questions:

What is the best assistance exercise to help bring up your deadlift?

What do you do when you have joint pain?

Is it better to use ice or heat when you have joint pain?

Ed answers one of the longest training questions I have ever heard.

Should you use knees wraps at 315 pounds?

Ed's thoughts on assistance exercises.

How often should you squat to parallel and how often should you try to break a PR?

For a raw bench, should you press in a straight line or a J curve?

The use of weightlifting shoes for the deadlift.

Should I squat and deadlift heavy in the same week or stagger them?

Should I use a Hex Bar when deadlifting?

How can you minimize elbow pain when squatting?

How many calories did Ed eat when he was at 180 pounds.

What do you do for rehab work?

What are your thoughts on Westside?

What do you think about the Cube Method?

...and more.

About Ed Coan

Ed Coan has set over 70 world records in powerlifting. He became the lightest person to cross the 2,400 pound total barrier in powerlifting. He set an all-time powerlifting record total at 2,463 pounds, even though at the time he was not in the heaviest weight class.

Coan's best result in an international, and drug-tested, competition is 1,035 kg (2,282 lbs) in the 100 kg weight class at the 1994 IPF Senior World Championships.[3] This at the time was a world record.

Coan's best single-ply lifts:

  • Squat - 1019 lbs (~462 kg)
  • Bench press - 584 lbs (~265 kg)
  • Deadlift - 901 lbs (~409 kg) [4] raw by today's standards with only singlet and belt

Total: 2504 lbs (1135.79 kg)

SOURCE: Wikipedia


About Strength Inc

Strength Inc is a dynamic membership-based website and Strength Training Blog that will help you get stronger faster with specialized routines and methods that have been proven to work! These methods and strategies are from World Champion Ed Coan. Ed Coan is the pinnacle of success within the realm of powerlifting and also has trained countless people on how to strength train.

Ed started powerlifting competitively in 1980 and won his first city championship in 1981 and 1982, and has won many championship ever since. Ed now is focused on taking his over 30 years of experience and using it to uplift, inspire, and train others to not only meet their goals but to shatter records as he did. If you are looking to increase your strength and gain muscle mass then you have certainly came to the right place. The Ed Coan Workout Program formerly now known as Strength Inc consists of a multitude of exercises that focus on the “big three” of powerlifting. The squat, which is a deep knee bend with the bar resting on the lifters shoulders. The Bench Press, which consists of laying flat on the back pushing a bar to arms length. The Deadlift, which standing erect with a loaded bar that lies on the floor. Very simple yet if done right, within the confines of the program your strength will go beyond levels that you could have ever imagined.

It’s virtually impossible for everyone the world over to come to Chicagoland and train personally with Ed Coan, so he decided to do the next best thing. Open up a membership website that will allow for him to personally help you get stronger and more physically fit with his methods. Within the membership will be videos, video Q and A sessions every week with Ed Coan himself, PDF documents, and an exclusive fitness-builder program that will allow you to track your exercises, your progress, as well as see videos on form, etc., all while being able to sync it to your i-Phone or Android phone!

Strength Inc Staff

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