Join us in a community where every achievement is celebrated and where knowledge and personal records flow freely, offering a sanctuary of support and inspiration for all who TRAIN.

Navigate the vast landscape of strength sports with us, where clarity cuts through the noise of misinformation, guiding you on a path of genuine growth and discovery.

Embrace a journey where strength and integrity stand above fleeting ideals, where we lift each other beyond the whispers of doubt and the shadows of shortcuts.


Step into our circle where you're not just building muscle but forging a story of resilience, friendship,

and unwavering confidence in the reflection that stares back at you





The Crew initially sprang to life to bolster Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast but has evolved into something much more than that. 

Every Podcast episode explores recurring themes such as the benefits of training with a crew, the essentials of optimal programming and nutrition, the importance of technique, recovery, auto-regulation, and the mental dynamics intertwined with these elements. These have been integrated into our inner circle. 

We recognize the financial hurdles of securing a top coach, understanding that this is beyond reach for many. Perhaps you're already under the guidance of a coach but find yourself seeking additional insights to bridge specific gaps, given our team's coaching capacity is naturally limited. Our inner circle has become the game-changing solution, at a fraction of the cost, for hundreds of members. 

For over 25 years, elitefts has been committed to the ethos of "Live, Learn, and Pass On," generating more than 1 million pages of content, from Q&As to extensive five-hour podcasts. Despite the vast ocean of information, our goal remains to assist as many individuals as possible, meeting them wherever they are...


We 100% believe you CAN achieve complete strength and confidence in your training. 

You possess the capability; it's within your reach, and we stand by to navigate and COACH YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS.

Before joining us in The Inner Circle, understand that we offer no illusions or shortcuts, potions, or unfounded promises.

What we bring to the table is authentic, straightforward, and science-backed strategies that have stood the test of time, designed to deliver results... PROVIDED you're ready to commit to the effort.


Now, you can have unlimited access to all our best resources! 

This includes our top training programs, technical help, expert answers, special deals at elitefts, The Crew Cast Podcast, weekly Q&A sessions, and the best seminars, lectures, and online classes.

You'll also get special invites to train at elitefts, be the first to know about our events, have the chance to win gym gear & equipment every month, and be part of a group of people who share your interests.

Everything you need to get the most out of and exceed your training expectations. 


Join the Inner Circle and fully immerse in our training programs and resources. If unsatisfied within 30 days, receive a full refund, no questions asked. You risk nothing.

If it's not for you, get your money back and keep the VIP Program & Book Bundle ($140.00 Value). 

We're not here for quick profits;  If profit were the motivation, we would charge way more (many coaches bill $50.00 for one form check and hundreds - thousands for programs). We aim to help you and others genuinely.


Join us if you're ready to take your pursuit of strength to the next level and challenge yourself like never before, if you're tired of minimal results despite your efforts, and if you believe in investing in a system that works, guided by caring coaches, within a supportive community.


Don’t let frustration hold you back. Break through your plateau with our proven training support, designed to turn your efforts into results.

Don’t doubt your potential. Our expert-guided training plans & support are here to reassure and push you beyond your limits, proving you have what it takes.

Do turn introspection into action. Our insightful training guidance helps you recalibrate and charge toward your goals with renewed vigor.

Do embrace the challenge. With our training support, transform your frustration into fuel for growth and surpass every expectation.

Note: The 30-day Refund is for new members only.

P.S.: Support Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast!

Transparency Note from Dave Tate: The creation of the "Crew" was initially intended to bolster and enhance the reach of Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast. Producing each episode of this complementary podcast requires a dedicated team's effort. Our mission has always been to live, learn, and pass on valuable insights. However, we recognized early on that fulfilling our commitment to our audience's expectations would require sponsors, exclusive merchandise, and listeners' backing. This collaborative support is crucial for not only maintaining the podcast but also for its future expansion.

Opening up about this aspect of our journey is unusual in the podcasting world, but it was a conscious choice I made when we relaunched the podcast in May 2022. This transparency addresses the primary challenge that led to the podcast's intermittent pauses in the past. Since the reboot, we've partnered with sponsors like Marek Health and LMNT, whose values closely mirror ours, aiding in defraying production costs and ensuring a fair return on investment. Additionally, we've launched a limited edition line of apparel and welcomed hundreds of crew members, creating a supportive trifecta that has propelled the podcast to its current state.

This is just the beginning of a much larger vision for the future. To realize this vision, we invite your support. Our ultimate goal is for the show to be entirely self-sustaining, all while adhering to its foundational principles. Thank you for the support!

Live, Learn, Pass on...

Dave Tate