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Team elitefts™ has been honored to develop, cultivate and affiliate with some of the world’s most successful strength athletes, coaches, trainers and therapists around the world. These relationships have enabled Elitefts.com Inc. to  evolve into one of the greatest strength training resources available today and it continues to provide personal development and reward for its members.

Many team members that have gone on to achieve great things and developed successful careers in a wide variety of areas. Team Elitefts’ alumni work at every level in the industry—from becoming successful business owners, university and professional coaches, and athletes, to private trainers, equipment makers, and beyond.

We take great pride in the work many of our Alumni have gone onto do. While you may not see them on the site, they make themselves known as ambassadors, advisors, contributors, customers, fans and everything else an organization could ask of its Alumni. They have cut the path and increased the standard for all those who have followed.

Our purpose today remains simple: To assemble a group of elite athletes, trainers and coaches for the purpose of making average athletes elite and elite athletes great.

15 members have landed strength and condition coach’s positions at major universities

5 have found positions within the NFL

40 have launched their own product lines

30 have authored and sold their own books on training

32 have started their own training centers or gyms

Numerous have set multiple all-time world records and 47 have been ranked in the top 10 for their weight class

Several have went onto create 7 figure sales within the industry.

More than 50 have been published in major magazines, such as: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Flex, Muscle and Fitness, Power, Maxim, Powerlifting USA, Penthouse, Muscle and Fitness, Women's Heath, Shape, Muscular Development, Planet Muscle, MMA publications, Boxing journals, and many others

18 have their own successful online training business

More than 40 have conducted and/or spoken at strength and conditioning seminars & clinics

19 have obtained their Masters or PhD.

All have reached the pinnacle in their sport, shared valuable insight and knowledge with our customers, and fully leveraged our resources to help advance their own personal goals and career aspirations.