elitefts is proud to outfit your training demands by delivering high-quality equipment right to your doorstep.


Here’s what to expect after you place an order with elitefts:

*Note: The type of delivery will vary depending on the size, weight, and packaging of the item you have ordered.

  1. Within the next business day following the placement of your order, an elitefts customer service representative will email you a Delivery Notification requiring an electronic signature to process your order. Once the order is processed, they will also notify you when your shipment was shipped, the carrier that will be delivering it, and an approximate arrival date.
  2. Our standard shipping through freight is curbside delivery. This means that the item you ordered will be delivered curbside and it is not the responsibility of the truck driver to unload or assemble your shipment. Your shipment will be heavy and may require two or more people to unload the shipment.
  3. We also offer lift-gate deliveries at an extra cost. You can ask about this offering when contacted by our customer service representatives
  4. Before shipping, all equipment is assembled and inspected. Then it is disassembled to accommodate freight carrier guidelines as needed. In other words, we know your time is valuable and do not want to ship a product that requires full assembly unless absolutely necessary. We try to use as few bolted parts as needed. This increases the quality, strength, and life of the product. Thus, some items will ship fully assembled (competition bench press, 0-90° benches. etc.); others will have very light assembly, such as attaching the handles to a Glute Ham Raise. With our Power Racks, Monolifts, and other large-scale items, it is our goal to ship these to specification, but not break them down to the extent that it will take you hours to assemble.
  5. When the shipment is delivered, inspect, inspect, and inspect. When the shipment is delivered inspect it immediately for obvious signs of damage. We can't emphasize this enough! If there is damage, please contact an elitefts customer representative BEFORE the UPS driver leaves. Compare the number of shipping units received to the number listed on the delivery receipt. If you determine that all or a portion of the merchandise has been damaged, refuse to accept shipment, or note the exact damages on the freight bill and replacement parts will be sent. Any damaged parts that are not noted at the time of receipt by the customer will be replaced at your cost (including shipping costs).
  6. We have grown up in the gym and know the AWESOME feeling of getting a new piece of equipment. We also know how cool it is to just grab a couple of wrenches and have everything together, as well as a few warm-up sets, without having to spend all day assembling. We know you are purchasing this equipment to train with or to train others. Training is your job and that is what we want you to spend your time doing, not taking your precious time figuring out which piece goes with what.

Embrace LIFETIME enjoyment with your quality piece of elitefts equipment.

If you have any questions, please contact an elitefts customer service representative right away!