LISTEN: Shawn Windle talks NBA Strength and Conditioning

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Shawn Windle, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are hard not to root for. They are as blue collar as you can get in today's NBA. They are high on work ethic and physicality and low on egos and superstars. One reason may be their Strength & Conditioning Coach Shawn Windle.

I finally met Shawn at the NSCA Coaches Conference In January after talking back and forth online. After talking with him in person and on the phone, one thing is evident; Windle has a passion for his athletes and the profession that is unrivaled.

This interview was both insightful and reassuring. Windle dispels some myths and lays a groundwork for an inside look into training NBA players. Enjoy.

Topics Covered in this Podcast

  1.  What are the main objectives of the Indiana Pacer programs
  2. Adapting training based on the hectic NBA schedule
  3. What a typical training session looks like in-season
  4. Getting the rookies up to speed on the Pacer way
  5. Communication between personal trainers in the off-season
  6. How the game of basketball has changed
  7. Problem solving with the sports medicine staff
  8. Advice for young strength coaches

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The Shawn Windle File
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Indiana Pacers
July 2005 – Present

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Rutgers University
September 2001 – June 2005

Strength & Conditioning Coach
University of Connecticut
September 1998 – September 2001

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